Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Thank you! and Fun day yesterday!

I want to thank you guys for such warm and caring words.  I think Maggie hit the nail on the head and I'm sorry you also have the same kind of "mom" in your life.  Hayley, I'm so happy you don't, and I know Ashley will have a mom just like yours :)  Matt, your words were touching and I appreciate them.  The falling out you may have felt in the past was me going through stuff and shutting down a bit...nothing personal.  I'm back and will not go there again.  I'm so happy to back blogging and it's great to actually "talk" to you guys.  I posted those last emails as just a taste of what life has been like and why I've made the decision I've made.  Emails in the past have been a lot worse, but those were to long to put out there and to painful.  Plus, these were the ones that just ended everything.  I'm blessed to have a strong support system around me and that is what helps in making the decisions I make.  Like you said Maggie, it would be nice to have that wonderful mother-daughter relationship like so many have, but that is not our reality and will never be.  It is what it is and as long as I have love all around me, that is all I need.  Our "moms" are the ones who are missing out, by choice.

Yesterday I took Ashley, two of her friends, my niece and Justin's girlfriend to Marine World (Discovery Kingdom) and we met up with my long time friend and her two boys, and also my brother and his family.  We had the best time ever!!  Everyone got along, everyone had a blast and everyone is wiped out!!  The weather was perfect and the lines for the rides were not long at all.  What a perfect fun-filled day :)

Today I'm going to pick up my aunt from the airport and taking her to grandpas.  She is going through the same thing with my "mom"...getting a lashing for stupid stuff that does not even concern her!  We share and laugh about it now.  I can't wait to see grandpa but I'm not looking forward to driving that drive again!  Oh well, it's what you do for family :)

Thank you again guys.  I'm so happy to have you as a part of my life!


Brit-Man said...

The main thing is to just keep doing what is best for you to do for you and your family.

I understand about why you were shutting down a bit, especially when you are experiencing things you haven't felt before and don't know how to manage them.

Oh and you do have that wonderful Mother Daughter relationship. The one that projects down the lineage, not back up.

:-) :-).

Take care and best wishes.


hayleycepeda said...

It's great that you were able to share that stuff with us and get it off your chest - it's your blog so feel free to do that at any time! I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say that we're all here to support & love you no matter what. :)

Your day yesterday sounds SO nice!! It must be a treat to have such great weather - the thought of standing outside in this heat for more than a minute makes me sweat. I went to the pool the other day and literally sat in the water reading my book the whole time because it was too hot to get out and read by the pool. Oh to be in CA again! :)

Today sounds like fun, too! ENJOY it! Nice to know that you have someone who can relate to your mom experiences..heheheh...

colette said...

Thank you Matt, I am :)

Hayley, that is HOT!! yikes! and being prego on top of that heat, double YIKES! i feel for you girl ;)

Okay, I'm having trouble with my password so blogger won't let me sign in! if I don't post, that's the reason why.....wish me luck lol

Maggie said...

{{hugs}} My mom doesn't know how to use the computer, so I never received any bad mouthing from her via email. Although, it might have been entertaining to see what she would have written. Only because shes french and speaks like she has food in mouth, bet her writing would have been hilarious.

I think the worse thing my mother has ever said to me which was last year after my visit with her in 8 yrs was... you want my husband I just know it. haha Of course I cried at the time, but now laugh at such craziness.

I have no doubt my mother loves me. I truly believe, the reason we have such a strain relationship is because, my Mom, doesn't know how to deal with another woman. I have 4 brothers, who she gets along with just fine sort of kind of. lol Some women/moms have a hard time seeing pass their past... they project it on us is what I believe.
Wow this was long. sorry. lol