Friday, July 2, 2010


That is how I feel my life is right now.  I went to grandpa's house Tuesday and was there with him when he got the green light to go to his favorite camping place from the doctors.  They did tell him though that if he begins to bleed again, he needs to get his butt to the hospital asap.  He was a very happy man, and I was so happy for him.  He has been going since he was a young buck and the only year he's missed was when grandma was dying.  I hate to say this, but if he were to die, that is where he would be happiest.

Wed. I get a call from my dad and we are going to stay with him this weekend in San Jose.  I am very worried about him however.  He told me that this Tuesday he is scheduled to get a full body scan (something they don't just give to anyone, or you pay $3,000) to check for cancer!  This scan is so high tech that they can see everything inside the body! It is the only one that can see a minuscule abnormal cell.  The reason the doctors are giving it it him is not good.  My dad has lost so much weight in a short time, that I guess people are coming up to him asking if everything is okay with him!  Now I have not seen him since my graduation, which was in May (only a month) and he tells me he weighs 144 lbs!!!  That is only four pounds more then I weigh!!  Yes, I am worried!!!

My son being moved out is still okay with me, even though I haven't seen him since Monday.  I am worried about him though.  His girlfriend found pictures of his ex on the computer, and even some naked pics!  Of course that hurt her but they talked and worked it out.  Thank goodness they communicate!  Now, she has this little Yorkie dog that he can not stand.  She's cute, but poops and pees in the house no matter what they do to discipline her.  Well, he usually will be to rough with her when he's mad about that, and she is smaller than my cats and fragile!  Last night he got so mad that I guess he grabbed her by the scruff, she bit him and made him bleed, so he tossed her across the kitchen floor and she slammed into the counter.  When Gerianna and I got to the apartment after seeing Eclipse (great movie), we checked out the dog and saw that she is babying her right hind leg.  He hurt her and I'm in shock!  I text him (he was working) that he is a real ass and does he feel like a touch guy now?  I told Gerianna that she needs to lay down the law now and tell him that if he ever touches the dog again, she is gone.  He of course began with a story to make it sound like he wasn't at complete fault, but after tons of texting and giving him no outs, he got it.  I know he felt horrible about it, and I know he didn't intend to hurt her, but he did and that is not okay.  She is tiny and he is big, so his strength is something that needs to be dialed down a lot when he's disciplining the dog.  I was angry, disappointed, and embarrassed!  Today I will find out what went down when he got home from work...

Yep, this has been a very up and down week and I just want it over!!!


Brit-Man said...

One thing you may not have considered regarding your Father, is he may have become Hypothyroid, because underactive thyroid can cause rapid weight loss, so I believe, because the body doesn't process nutrients properly, thus the resulting issue occurs.

The main thing is that he has you in his life. That will no doubt be a great leveller.

I don't think you should feel embarrassed about your Sons actions. Angry, disspapointed yes, but not embarrassed, because such actions are not a product of anything you have done. If he makes these mistakes in life, it's him that's going to get the fallout and if he is too stupid in some of his actions, that he causes potentially irreperable damage in his private life, he will have to live with that for the rest of his life.

I can appreciate how this must have made you feel and I'm sure this sort of thing can't be easy to sort out in your head.

You as always will do what you feel is right, because that is a major part of what makes you you.

I am thinking of you and I know that things WILL get better in time and you have to keep believing in that possibility and keep on being strong and trying to keep everything as normal as possible.

Your Dad would not want you to allow things to start affecting your personal life, I'm sure of that and right now I'm sure he will want one of his special Ladies in his life and being solid and sturdy for him, because you ARE and WILL be capable of doing that for him, you just need to beleive in that too.

He is lucky to have a daughter like you and it will provide great comfort in the coming weeks, I'm sure of that.

GOOD LUCK, chin up, be strong and don't worry okay.

If you've lost it is my e-mail. Get in touch anytime if it gets a bit much, because you will have a discreet and unconditional forum to let off steam, if you ever need.

You're a wonderful person Colette, so don't let these things spoil anything about you. It may well become quite hard for you in the coming weeks, but you CAN and I am sure WILL cope and I will always be proud to be in your corner supporting you when I can.

GOOD LUCK again.

:-) :-).


Hayley said...

I just have to say that you are an AWESOME mom Colette!!!! It's so great that you told your son to cut that out with the little dog and I really do hope he got the message. I understand having a new little dog in the house can be frustrating (the peeing and pooping would drive me nuts too) but the dog probably doesn't know any better at this point. I'm really glad you said something, because I know if my brother had done something like that my mom probably wouldn't have pushed the issue simply because she wouldn't wanted to get in an argument with him (which is why I think my brother has gotten away with so much throughout his life). I hope things settle down awesome that you went out with your son's girlfriend, too!!! I love that you guys all have such a good relationship. :)

I am keeping your dad in my thoughts and prayers and hoping everything in the scan goes well in the sense that they don't find anything. Perhaps it's like Matt says and just a thyroid issue? That would be a big relief...please keep us posted!

Sounds like your grandpa is on the up and up!! YAY!!

Have a wonderful 4th of July weekend!! XOXO