Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Eating Clean and Working Out Rocks!

My foods for yesterday were:  1c cottage cheese, oatmeal with 3/4c blueberries and cinnamon, large salad with mixed greens, feta cheese, and 1/2 can chicken breast, 10 raw almonds, 1c black beans, lots of honeydew melon, 1 small sweet potato with spray butter, one string cheese, and six cups of green tea.

My workouts for yesterday were:  1 mile run without stopping, 2 1/2 mile walking after dinner with hubby, weights, and stretching.

As the night went on, I was feeling my legs getting tight and sore.  I was sure I'd wake up with very stiff legs and planned on taking some pain meds when I woke up, but nope all is good this morning.  I am a tad sore, but not enough to take anything for it :) 
~The weather is cool this morning and I'm loving it!  This whole week is going to be in the upper 80's low 90's and the evenings will be breezy and cool.  This is the kind of weather that just wakes my butt up and energizes me like nothing else!  I love it and just want to be outside the whole entire time!  Maybe that is what I will do ;)

I have added a tab at the top of my page that I will be using to add helpful information on foods and exercises :)
~Okay, time to start my day with another run and who knows what.  Have a fantastic day everyone!!


Maggie said...

Wow! Are you kicking butt or what? Woot!

Brit-Man said...

Habe you ever considered low Fat Cheese? I amn not a Cheese eater, but compared to Cottage Cheese, there's a better protein ratio and more good Fat.

Just a thought.

Good luck and best wishes. You're doing great and you can be very proud of yourself.

:-) :-).


Colette said...

I eat both kinds of cheeses...I love cheese! The cottage cheese I eat has 100 calories and 14g protein per 1/2c with only 2g fat.