Thursday, July 22, 2010

Feeling Like I'm Back to My Old Self

Now that I have been blogging, eating healthy, walking/running, reading about health, I feel like I have found myself again.  Having a support group to do this with is a huge motivator too.  I actually feel whole and energized.  Why do we fall off something that feels so good?  Why is it hard to find our way back and just do it?  Crazy!

Today I went on a two and a half mile walk/run and it took only 30 minutes.  Half way through I felt a blister on the back of my heel (ouch!) but still kept going and blocked out the pain.  Surprisingly, when I ran the pain lessened.  I didn't even get out of breath, so I know tomorrow I shall do more running and less walking...Oh wait, I'll have to wait until Saturday to do that.  Tomorrow we are getting up early and heading to Santa Cruz beach boardwalk to celebrate my baby girls 15th birthday!!! 

Last night I got the munchies and almost went for a bagel...but saw some leftover pork and beans in the frig and heated up 1/2c.  Surprisingly it hit the spot and I felt good for choosing that instead.  I don't believe you should deprive yourself if your body is wanting something, because that is when you set yourself up for binging in the future.  You always want what you "can't" have.  Would carrots or mellon be the better choice?  Yes, but I didn't want that stuff LOL  I wanted something sweet, filling, and carbs, and I got it :)

EDIT: I was looking at some old blogs I used to read and so glad I stopped reading them.  One blog belongs to a very pretty, tiny woman who works out and has competed.  As I'll reading some posts from weeks back I see the craziness that comes with obsessive behavior and it saddens me.  She posted a pic and said something about her muffin top and fuller boobs (still size A).  Honestly, there was nothing to complain about.  She also said she finally got her's been two years since her last one!!!  Come on ladies, it is NOT healthy to go without your period for that are to skinny!! You will lose bone mass!  You will be infertile!  Is this worth it?  Hell NO!  I feel so bad for these kinds of women, but nothing can be said to them about it.  This is why there are only certain blogs I now read...the ones who want to be healthy and happy :)


Brit-Man said...

Some people can take things too far and it will hurt them in the long run, but the biggest hurt of all, is the ignorance that will often only be reversed, with a serious shock to the system physically.

You're doing all the right things and you DO have a right to be thoroughly proud of yourself.

Take care and best wishes.

:-) :-).


Maggie said...

I so know who you're talking about. lol
Congrats on the run/walk. Pork&beans? Um Yuck! lol

I love that we all are helping one another too. It has kept me going. Thank you!

Happy Birthday Ashley!! {{Hugs}}

Hayley said...

I am SO happy to hear that you're feeling so good!! It's amazing what choosing healthy foods and getting back into exercising can do for your mental & emotional health. I always feel a million times better when I get back to eating healthy foods after slacking for a bit. Not to say indulging isn't good, but you know when you're indulging and just plain throwing all caution to the wind. :)

I 100% agree with you on particular blogs, and I too think I know who you're talking about. It saddens me...but I'm also glad I'm not in that place.


Colette said...

Hayley, i'm glad you are not in that place too! I'm sure you know who I'm talking about too and it is sad.