Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Finally Did It!!

Well yesterday I ended up not walking, but instead cleaned the house from top to bottom (minus windows lol).  Justin and Gerianna were going to come over for dinner and afterwards we would walk, so I waited for her.  Needless to say that didn't happen.  We all ate and talked and enjoyed family time, which was nice too.

Leslie had a great idea, and it worked!  No computer until I get my workout in.  Guess what?  She was 100% right!  I fought the temptation of just getting on, and then went upstairs to change into workout clothes, put my ipod in and headed out the door.  The morning is so cool finally, so it felt wonderful!  I kept telling myself it can just be a 30 minute walk to start out with, but half way through I began to jog!  Yep, you read that right....I wanted to jog!  Me!  The one who hates that stuff!  I even jogged backwards some of the time (I read that walking and jogging backwards does something good to your brain).  So, for 25 minutes I walked half the time and jogged the other half, and I loved it!  I think maybe jogging is something I may enjoy :)  I have been thinking about how Jillian Michael's always tells these obese people that it's all in the head and you have control over your body, and then she makes them run the treadmill and they do it.  If they can do that, there is absolutely NO reason why I can't do that...or any one of us for that matter.  As my lungs felt like they would explode, I just breathed deeper and told myself to keep going, and I did!

~Thank you all for your comments about my dad.  I think you may be right and I will be more understanding.  It amazes me how not alone I am.  Maggie, I forgot you had that scare and you can relate to what he may be thinking/feeling.  Hayley, your dad with colon cancer would have been so scary too, so you too know whats going on in our heads.  I thank you guys, Matt, and Leslie for your thoughts/insights and prayers.  It's nice to know I have people who will show me other ways of seeing things.  I love my blogger family!  Thank you!!!!


Brit-Man said...

It's understandable you're going to have conflicting emotions. You're in a diffcult situation, you have no preparation for and you have unpredicatable elements like how certain people respond to things.

So it is a case of just taking things day to day and adapting to them.

You are in my mind doing so well, to be ale to keep normality in your life and keep positive. You can do no more than that for yourself and for the good of those within your domestic environment.

So keep on keeping on, chin up and keep smiling.

You ARE a wonderful person and you DO and WILL make a continued difference.

:-) :-).


Colette said...

Thank you, Matt :)