Sunday, July 25, 2010

Food Choices and Away From Home

Friday we left for Santa Cruz beach boardwalk and had a great time.  I packed food to take with us for the kids to eat so we wouldn't have to buy snacks, and then some food to have at my dads when we stay the night.  Needless to say, since we had four teenagers with us, I packed for them.  The foods I packed were muffins from Costco (huge), chips, brownies, almonds, water.  At the boardwalk you are assaulted with junk food at every turn, just like at the fair.  Long story short, I did not eat that great Friday or Saturday.  I ate some brownies, I had a corn dog, I even shared some garlic fries with hubby.  Yep, I admit it and I take full responsibility for the choices I made.  Did I have to choose junk?  Nope, they had semi-healthy food there, but I just didn't want it.  I'm trying hard to keep it healthy and only stick to non-processed foods, but when I'm out like that, all good thinking goes away.  Thank goodness I have no plans for going anywhere like that again this summer :)

Today I am back in the game.  So far I've had an egg white omelet with a small amount of shredded cheese, a glass of fat free milk, and a few almonds.  I will be having chicken breast for dinner and a large salad with chicken on top for lunch.  I also plan on having some cottage cheese and a yogurt later and some fruit.  That should cover the days worth of food for me today.

Tomorrow I plan on going out and running some more.  I'm thinking that maybe I can get into the whole running thing now.  Maybe doing Insanity has made that difference for me.  I had to make my body do things I never imagined it could do, and I loved doing it.  Walking just doesn't cut it for me as much anymore.  Who would have thought LOL

May I just take a moment to say how much having a support group means to me?  These women keep me going and we are enjoying it!  Read their blogs for can find them on my sidebar. 
~Thank you ladies!!!


Maggie said...

You do good over all. Spending time with family and having fun is so worth 2 days of naughty foods. :)

Do you know how to delete "followers?" I still have your old blog, not your new one. And I have some people I can't retrieve their blogs anymore. Would like to start over with followers. Any suggestion on how to do this? lol ty

hayleycepeda said...

I think it's totally normal and human to indulge in a bit of boardwalk food - the fact that you've gone back to your healthy foods goes to show that you're doing things exactly as you should. No deprivation and eating well the majority of the time. Good for you!! :) I LOVE the idea that you're getting into running! Just the one day a week is sort of keeping me satisfied right now, except I pay for it all day in ligament pains. I actually miss it! Maybe you'll get to that point! :)

I hope everything else is going well in your life, too...all the best! XOXO