Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Have to get Moving (my body that is)

Wow, I sound like  a broken record with this moving crap.  I have got to start and can't figure out why I haven't.  I used to love walking and working out!  Where did my motivation go?  I just want to sit around and play on this stupid computer or go somewhere fun with Ashley and hubby.  The mornings have been nice and perfect for a walk.  I know I just need to get out one time and I'll be hooked again.  Thank goodness my eating has been pretty spot-on otherwise the weight would not only stay put, but also add on!  My intention is when I'm done with this post, I will put my walking shoes on and get out there...lets hope that happens!

I want to add a link to a great source of information.  You can plug in any food and it will give you every nutrition detail about it, including the glycemic number and fullness number.  Lots of tools to use and articles to read.  I am hooked on this site and I think you will be too.  The link is: http://nutritiondata.self.com /Nutrition Data

Dad got his biopsy appointment.  It will be Aug. 3, two weeks from today.  He's making me mad though.  He won't go anywhere fun with anyone because he's to nervous about this appointment.  To me it's like he's just giving up on life and having fun until he knows the whole scoop...what's he going to do if he in fact does have something terminal?  Give up completely and hide until he passes away?  This is not cool and I don't like it one bit!  I have got to talk to this man today about how I feel!

Here's to a healthy and active day!!!!


Brit-Man said...

Hi Colette.

Much as though you don't like the way your Father is reacting in this situation, you will to some extent have to accept and respect it.

He might be open to persuasion about how he intends to carry on in the future, but ultimately if he continues to want to go down the path, you say he is taking in regards to his future, then it would seem to me only prudent, to support his decision, so that whatever his future holds it will come with a daughter that is ready, able and willing to stand by him, in any way(s) he would hope for.

I empathise with your situation and yes it must clearly be frustrating, but if you do attempt to try and change his mindset on this, it will realistically have to be done with a kid gloves approach I think, because you wouldn't want to create a situation, where your good intentions create a slight strain on the Father, Daughter relationship.

Whatever does happen, GOOD LUCK and know that you are more than capable of being any type of person, someone would wish in any type of situation.

You are quite humanly beautiful and very emotionally gifted and all these stellar qualities will be so valuable for you and all concerned, as the family tries to move on through and into each new day.

You can always be proud of who you are Colette, it is truly priceless.

:-) :-).


Hayley said...

I think Matt pretty much summed up what I was going to say. Though I know it's incredibly frustrating, I am a natural worrywart and as awful as it might be I think I'd probably be acting the same way as your dad. On the other hand, if someone were around to persuade me that there was nothing I could do except wait until the biopsy appt and convince me that getting out would take my mind off it, I'd probably be apt to listen and at least (hopefully) make an effort to get out of the house.

That's such a tough situation...so much of this reminds me of when my dad went through colon cancer. It was scary because NOTHING ever seemed to scare or bother my dad...he's not even that religious and he'd talk to people about keeping him in their prayers. It was difficult for all of us because we were worried sick, but my dad CONSTANTLY talking about it didn't help..and yet it was hard to say anything because we weren't in his position.

Fingers crossed...he's in my prayers. Now go for a walk!! :)

Maggie said...

I did the exact same thing. I couldn't move. I just sat around thinking about it. I just wanted to know. Wanted it all over with. I wanted my life back. That's all I thought about.
It's bad Colette, the unknowing. And like Hayley said about her dad, all I wanted to do too was talk about it,yet I didn't.
It totally consumes you.

Lets do a walk log. I like you love walking and know once I get out there I'll keep going. I think this heat and humidity hasn't helped much in the motivation of wanting to walk.
Maybe we can do something like for example: Monday 1 mile, Tuesday 2 miles etc. Then the following week work backwards?

Let us know if you ended up walking today. :)

You and your dad are in my prayers.

leslie said...

First things first: I'm praying for you and for your dad.

Ok, now here's the simple solution to the walking dilemma. You don't get on the computer until after you walk. Period. I've done this with running, where I have to earn whatever I want (usually it's computer time) and it works.

Good luck! And I'm here if I can help.