Sunday, July 11, 2010

Health and Pancreatic Cancer

I have been re-writing this post for a few days now and I think no matter how I put it this time, I will just post it.

Eating has been good.  Not great, because I haven't been eating much at all.  Working out has not happened yet, and I know I need to!  Right now however, I'm just kinda in a daze and not sure what I want to do.

Thursday, just as we all got to Marine World to spend a great day together, I get a phone call from my dad.  He just got the test results from his scan...pancreatic cancer!  Of course I cried, and I was thankful that only Ashley and Gerianna were around me at that time.  The rest of the group were just getting to the park, so I said nothing.  I didn't want to ruin any ones time and dad said he didn't want me to come to him...he needed time to process the news.  The whole day my phone was going and I was talking to my brother, aunt, dad.  My hubby was out of state, but would be back the next day...I waited to tell him the news.

We are all devastated, and the kids keep breaking down as do I.  Hubby is researching the cancer and keeping us thinking positive...being our rock.  The problem is we won't know exactly the stage until the biopsy is done, which will be this coming week.  From that we know it could be anywhere from three months to a few is thinking the worse, which makes me angry and absolutely devastated!!!  I can not lose my dad!!!  He is only 62 years old and the only real parent I have!

We are trying to keep a positive attitude on this news until we know further.  My aunt said there is some break-through laser procedures that can shrink the cells, if they are isolated, and it could give up to ten years back.  Fingers are crossed that this is caught in time and his lifespan will be longer not shorter.  I know it's one of the fastest growing cancers, and being that he has already had prostate cancer and smokes, drinks tons of soda, eats tons of processed foods (all of which are against him) I do believe in miracles!

This has made me think more about how I eat and treat my body.  I will be eating a more plant-based diet for now on, and the processed foods can go to hell!  Meat will be limited.  Cancer runs high in my family and I am not about to push the envelope!


Brit-Man said...

Colette. I am sorry to read about this.

I will be in touch but in the mean time chin up and be strong okay :-) :-).


Ruby said...

Colette I am so sorry!! I also believe in miracles and I am hoping that the biopsy will bring with it only good news. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
One day when this is all behind us I am going to use your quote " Processed foods can go to hell". Loved it.Hope that made you smile.
Fingers are crossed over here in Canada too.XXOO

Maggie said...

My prayers are with you and your family C. My friends husband was diagnose with this as well a few months back and like your Aunt said, they were able to catch it early enough to shrink cell and is doing great. Let's hope you get good news very soon. I'm here if you need a shoulder. {{hugs}}

Hayley said...

Oh Colette I am so so and your dad are in my thoughts and prayers. I'm thinking positively for you all...please keep us posted. Lots of love and hugs..XOXO

Colette said...

Ruby, you did make me smile LOL

M, that is great news!

Hayley, thank you, and I will :)

Thank you to everyone else who sent me a private email/message too!