Friday, July 9, 2010

Here we go!

Today I weighed in and I'm 142.4 lbs.  I cut up a nice big watermelon, stocked the frig up with baby carrots, dark greens, tomatoes, eggs, and yogurt.  I have tons of chicken breast to cook up daily and lots of good for you frozen veggies.  I am ready to go!!

I am so excited to say, that so far there are five of us supporting each other.  I think it's great that others want to also get healthy and do it with me.  With that support,  know I will be able to stick to this and drop the pounds I need to drop.

On a different note, does anyone know how I can add another page to this blog?  I want to keep this page health and fitness related, but I badly need to talk about stuff that is going on in my life.  Any ideas would be so very appreciated :)

Here's to a happy, healthy, active day!


Hayley said...

Good for you Colette!! That's awesome news. Are you counting calories or following another type of plan, etc? I know there's a way to add another page to Blogspot but since switching to WordPress I'm not sure how to do it on here anymore. Hopefully someone can help! :)

Brit-Man said...

Have you tried creating a new blog, thne either adding it to a links page, or putting in your profile information?

Other than that, you could get a hosting service, then create a small webpage, linking to two seperate blogs.

Maybe those ideas will work.

Take care and best wishes.

:-) :-).