Monday, July 26, 2010

Run and weights

I am feeling pretty darn good right now!  I ran a full, non-stop mile this morning and kept going even though my chest felt like it was going to explode the last bid of it.  I then went back home and picked up a set of ten pound dumbbells and began doing bicep curls, triceps kick-backs, shoulder presses, and squats.  I was going to us the twelve pound weights but sadly my strength wasn't there.  I know I will get back to the strength part fast, because muscle has memory, so I'm not worried.  I finished it off with a nice stretch routine.  Yep, I'm coming back and it feels great!!

I have only lost about a pound this week, but I'm sure it's because of my Friday and Saturday's splurge.  I'm now 138.4 and I'm happy with that because the scale is still moving in the right direction.  Next week will be a bigger loss I'm sure :)  Only eight pounds to go!!!


Brit-Man said...

Muscle has memory, I like that. People call it that, but obviously it isn't.

Not sure if you're fully aware of what it is, not trying ot patronise you if you do, but it's a membrane around the muscle called the fascia, that expands when muscle grows, but doesn't shrink much if at all when it atrophies, so when the muscle comes back, it encounters less resistance than before, allowing for faster regrowth, until it gets where it was before it started atrophying.

You'll get things back to where they were soon enough. You DO have what it takes to be consistent, so don't ever doubt yourself.

Emotionally and mentally you are pretty darn amazing.

Keep on pushing and good luck. I hope that other things in your life right now, are starting to seem a little less challenging emotionally.

Keep believing in yourself and the power of you. You CAN be so much to other people and such a positive force at times when others need it.

You certainly can be very, very proud of the person you are Colette.

I'm certainly proud to call you my friend.

:-) :-).


Ruby said...

OMG you have moved down to the 130's. I love those kind of breakthrough!!! Great job Colette!!!!

hayleycepeda said...

Way to go Colette!!!! I'm so happy for you.. :)

Colette said...

Matt, I did know about that LOL I used the term that many know ;) As always, thank you so much for your encouragement and motivation :)

Ruby and Hayley, Thank you!!!!

Maggie said...

Ha! I read that at first as "rum and weights". lmao

Wish my muscles had memory and would remember where they used to be. lol