Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Support Group :)

I am happy to say that I have found others who want to join me in losing 10 lbs or more and we have signed up using the iPhone/touch app "lose it".  This app tracks your food, exercise, and goals.  You can see what/how your friends are doing and motivate each other.  I think this is a great idea and I can't wait to see us all move forward, get healthier, and be there for each other to motivate and help keep us on the right track :)

Today I began the healthy eating portion and some dumbbell work :)


Maggie said...

I'm very excited to be doing the Lose it with you. I wish we could see what foods we're eating. lol You can only view their weight loss, and exercise. I guess that's enough. I didn't eat much today, I was running around doing errands and never got hungry enough to sit and eat. I will do better starting tomorrow. I'll be happy if I can lose 5 lbs by next week. We're going to SA this weekend, so I hope I don't ruin it. You can message me through lose it to keep me honest. lol
Thanks for letting me, do this with you. :)

Colette said...

I am excited too! i love the program, and you can also message me through Lose It. Do you want Gerianna's email so we can all help each other? I'll ask her too.

It is to bad that we can't see what the other ate, but if we see that we went over, we should call each other out on it and find out what we ate to make it go over.

Good luck :)

Ruby said...

hi Colette/Maggie.I saw your post on Facebook then I remembered that you had said you had started blogging again and then I went to your info page and found your blog address. I love how your blog looks. I have to read from the beginning. I am getting the new IPHONE 4G when it comes out here in Canada. I think sometime this month. I will call our phone company and find out today. I think this is a great idea!! XXOO

Colette said...

Thanks Ruby! We would love to have you with us. For now, maybe there is another site you can use, or we can just email eachother with our progress, for now.

This blog started out with me getting stuff off my chest, but now I've turned it into a healthy blog...something I needed to do to get my butt back on track with the way I used to be!

I am so excited to have you on-board!!

Maggie said...

Whoa! New look! Love it. Yeah, add anyone you like. Send them my email.

Brit-Man said...

I'm happy that you have found this new direction in life; but then I'm happy when good things happen for you anyway.

In my estimation you are a beautiful, healthy, married Lady, but you know how you feel and how you want to feel and certainly I would always support and encourage your goals, so GOOD LUCK and keep remembering the many wonderful things that make you you.

Take care and best wishes.

:-) :-).


hayleycepeda said...

What a great idea to start up a support group like this!!! You know I'd join you if my situation were different. :) Will you be posting updates? Food and/or exercise, etc? I'm so excited for you guys!

I forgot to mention in my previous comment that I LOVE your new layout!

Ruby said...

That is great Colette. What day will be the check in what I will do is send you guys my update.
Let me know what stats you need for each check in.
This is such a great idea!
Hi Hayley!!!!

Colette said...

You're so sweet, matt...thank you :)

Hayley, you better not join in this LOL ;) I dont' think your little "cabbage" would like that hehehe

Ruby, I'll email you

leslie said...

Awesome Colette! Taking action is the way to go, isn't it? I KNOW you will do this!