Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What I've Noticed

Yesterday I had every intention of getting out there and walking or walking, but by the time I was done doing stuff around the house, the soreness form day before kicked in and it hurt to sit down and even walk.  Needless to say, I did nothing yesterday.  What I did notice however, was not doing anything and feeling sore made me want to comfort myself with food!  I never realized it before, but I do that!  I kept to healthy foods to snack on for the most part, but did end up having an onion bagel with low fat cream cheese...that is a processed food that I want to stay away from, but it did satisfy me.  I need to figure out for myself something else I can do instead of eating to give myself comfort.  I'm glad I didn't take in to many calories or fat, but still.  Today I feel much better so I will make myself get outside and do something!  I will also put together a workout plan, because I can not do everything in one day.  I need to be good to my body and make sure I balance everything out.  I'm in no hurry to drop every pound and take the risk that I injure my body or lose muscle mass and not the fat.  I don't want to burn out either.  I have always had a problem with when I start something I go for it full force then tire out and slowly end what I was doing.  This is not good and since I am doing this lifestyle change, I need to make sure the plan I put together is something I can stay with for the rest of my life!

Last night Justin and Gerianna came for dinner.  We had taco night and it was yummy!  Before dinner was ready, Justin looked in the pantry and refrigerator and said we had nothing to eat.  I said yes we do, and he started naming the items of choice...tuna, bread, beans, veggies, fruit, milk, eggs, etc.  I laughed and said those are good things to eat and we have plenty of stuff, you just have to prepare it first.  This just shows the difference between quick-to-grab processed foods and then the real and healthy foods that you have to actually prepare.  His comment was proof as to why so many people out there don't have a clue how to see healthy foods and know what to do with them.  We live in a world where if it's not already fixed for you, then we will starve pretty much.  I was surprised, because he has only been on his own for a full month now, but I guess maybe I did keep a lot of easy access foods available for him to just grab when he was hungry, or he was also used to grabbing something that I have already prepared and was easy to just heat-up.  Yep, when you buy real food, you have to know what to do with it :)


Brit-Man said...

You will be fine. You just need to keep believing in yourself and don't allow yourself to get some impetus and then fade away a bit.

You can be consistent in your efforts as long as you believe you can be.

One the belief is there, the consistency can come.

Good luck and best wishes.

:-) :-).


Maggie said...

Yeah, take your time in getting back into it. Don't want you to end up bed bound. lol

Justin sounds like James. He is always asking me where the "real" food is. ha

Thank you for your suggestion today about walking. I did it! :)

Colette said...

Matt, I know I can be consistant...I just need to get in the habit. What do they say, it takes 21 days to form a habit? Something like that :)

Maggie, it does sound like our boys are very similar LOL

Ruby said...

Colette that is me!! When I have a day off from exercising I seek comfort food. So now what I do to counteract that is do something. Even if it is a long walk or a bike ride. It really has helped. This week I have been just doing cardio with bike rides, walks and playing baseball. Yesterday was my 1st real cardio day with the treadmill. By doing something everyday it has really helped me with that feeling of not doing anything and seeking the comfort food so I don't have that feeling of "okay I have a day off from working out" let's takes a day off from eating well.
What Justin did sums up why it is so easy to gain weight..eating healthy takes time but reaching for processed food is so easy and instant gratification. I notice alot of the fitness girls what they do is they cook alot of food on a Sunday. Take about two hours. Cook chicken breasts, do tupperwares of different foods, cut up vegetables so that they can avoid reaching for all things bad. I think it really is such a good idea.
Talk soon!

Hayley said...

It's so great that you have that awareness about yourself and that you can see what one of your "triggers" is that makes you want to reach for food when you may not be hungry. Lately for me it's been fatigue or sleepiness - what my body REALLY needs is a nap and instead I find myself wanting to reach for food. Good for you for recognizing this about yourself! It sounds as though you really are taking a healthy approach to everything...that's so fantastic Colette!! :)

Men, food and fridges always baffle me - Chris will ask me where something is and I'll say, "In the freezer in the drawer," and he'll say, "Where?" Why do they always expect everything to just jump out at them? I'm like, "Just open the drawer and LOOK!" He he he!!!

Very true about process foods being much easier to "prepare" (or not prepare at all), grab and go...