Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Health and Life

It has been one of those weeks!  I was supposed to workout Friday and yesterday and didn't.  Was I doing something that kept me from working out?  Wish I could say the answer is yes, but the answer is a big fat NO!  WTH?  Friday was my back and bi's but for some reason I just didn't do it.  After a great weekend, I was/am so tired that yesterday after cleaning up the house and not sleeping good, I just couldn't motivate myself to do anything else.  I envy these people who no matter what, works out.  My hubby is a great example of that, as is Leslie.  No matter what, they will make sure that workout gets done, even after a long day at work!  Me, not so much.  Maybe those people feel to guilty if they miss a workout, where I feel bad, but not bad enough to do it.  I plan on getting outside after this and before the weather heats up today, so fingers crossed that it happens LOL

Saturday I took Ash and her boyfriend to Six Flags and we had a fun time.  I thought they would want to wander around by themselves and I would just have to find stuff to do alone, but they wanted to stick with me :)  At six o'clock they were done and we ended up going to the outlet stores on the way home to shop LOL.  We were all wiped out!  Sunday we has some family and friends over for a BBQ, which turned out to be quite nice.  Of course both days I didn't eat great (sodium) but I didn't eat horrible either, so that part is good.  So yes, the weekend was a busy and fun one :)

On a different note, I want to get a job but I am scared to get back into the work place.  I finally figured that out.  I need to make a resume and have no idea what to put on it.  Yes, I now have my AA, but I have not worked in almost 16 years!  I know if I could get a face-to-face interview that it would be all good, but now you have to apply on-line and go through pages of questions that are the same damn questions just worded slightly different.  This sucks big time!  So right now I'm in limbo and I'm stuck in life :(


Brit-Man said...

I'll be in touch :-) :-).

Chin up and best wishes.


Maggie said...

Aww Man! I'm feeling you here with the work. I'm the same way. Its been over 19 yrs for me. I want to work, and know if I could get a face to face, I would so get the job. lol It is scary. Thoughts are with you!

About your working out. You rock! Girl, you have done more than I have. lol

Glad you had a wonderful weekend. :)

leslie said...

C -- Thanks for the nice words. You know, for years I worked out because it was part of what made me feel like, well, like ME! And when I was running, it was super easy to set a target number for the week and just move towards it.

These days? It's not as clear cut. Part of it is BIG LIFE STUFF (I'm SO bored with my life and problems) and that's made it tough to stay consistent with much of anything. So my weight is up. But does it really REALLY matter? Doesn't feel that way.

My solution is to try to do one thing to move each day. Today it was running 4 miles. Day before it was a walk/run and Dailey Method (a class in Roseville). Tomorrow it could be just planks and stretching.

I really do hear you about the job. I've been out of the workforce for almost 15 years, and the idea of going back is scary. Have you considered a life coach or someone who can help with accountability as you move forward? Either that, or maybe we can both get jobs pushing carts at Costco and have fabulous butts from all day glute work! :)