Friday, August 13, 2010

It's hard finding healthy foods, but if you look you can do it!

Hubby and I went through our cupboards and refrigerator these last few days and were surprised at how much stuff has HFCS (high fructose corn syrup).  The kids chocolate syrup, jelly and jams, ketchup, BBQ sauce, yogurt, cereals all had to go!  We found replacements for everything but jelly/jam and the chocolate syrup (all at Wal-mart), so I'll have to try a different store I guess.  Ashely was with me today when I went shopping and was making fun of me for checking the labels and putting the product back if they are full of crap...but at least she's paying attention and I know I am setting a very good/healthy example for her :)
I've also bought Stevia to use in place of sugar, because the artificial sugar (Splenda) is processed (or as Jillian Micheal's says, poison).  I'm cleaning out my house and my body and I feel great for it!!

This week I stayed true to good eating.  I did have two pieces of pizza one day and last night we went out for Mongolian, but my bowl was filled with a tad of chicken and the rest good veggies, so only the sodium was not good.  Today it was back to egg whites, oatmeal, super smoothie, and a nice chicken/pasta dinner with whole wheat garlic bread (made with real garlic and Smart Balance spread, sprinkled w/garlic powder). 

With Ashley starting school this Tuesday and hubby going back to work Monday, I'm putting together a plan to start working out again with the weights.  As I get older, I know it's what we all need to do to take care of our bones.  I won't be going over-board with it, but I will be starting it once again.  I'm going to do a push/pull split and make sure each muscle gets a good amount of rest to heal in between workouts.  I will also stay with the cardio and of course the healthy eating :) 

Here's to good eating and healthy living!!!


Hayley said...

I've enjoyed reading your meals and it sounds as though you're doing really well! I agree that it's great you're setting a positive example for Ashley. She will always remember that in the future! :)

Have you tried Stevia yet? I wish I liked the test but I think it's least Splenda tastes more like sugar (not that I consume much) and Stevia tastes chemically - even though I know it's not!

Colette said...

Oh no, I wish I would have asked you about Stevia before...I have not had it yet and I do love Splenda. Today I will put some in my oatmeal and see.

Colette said...

Well, i tried it in my oatmeal and my tea....not bad. I know what you're talking about though. There is a different taste, but I didn't feel as though it was chemical...just different. i'll give it some time and see :)

Hayley said...

Oops! Now I feel bad because I bagged on Stevia before you'd even tried it! I'm glad you didn't find it too bad though...perhaps you'll come to like the taste rather quickly! On the other hand, I use Jay Robb Whey proten powder, which contains Stevia, and I really like the taste. Very strange! :)

I did reply to your comment on my blog, but for some reason I didn't get an email of your comment to me so I'm not sure if you'll see my response. Not that it's a big deal...just wanted to let you know I wasn't ignoring you! :) Keep us posted on what you think of Stevia! Or me anyway...he he he!

Brit-Man said...

It's good to see you deciding to do positive things for you.

Take care and best wishes.

:-) :-).


Maggie said...

I had bought organic sugar. Its a bit grainier but, not bad. Plus I use it with lemon as a face scrub. ha

Yes, you can find quite a bit at Walmart when you take a lot of time reading what is in what. I'm trying my best to shop around the perimeter of the store and only going in isles for bathroom,kitchen and coffee. lol

If I have to enter isles I go straight to what I want and get out of there before I find myself staring at something I used to buy. lol

Can you list some of the names of the new brands you bought to replace the ones you threw out?

Question? Where can I buy healthy tortilla chips/brand name to go with humus? lol

Colette said...

Make your own tortilla chips :)

What kind of things do you want brands for? I could run a huge list, but would rather give you exactly what you're looking for.

Good for you keeping to the perimeter of the store and walking away fast when you have to go deeper LOL I think you are doing great M!!