Monday, August 9, 2010

Monday Eats and Some Education About Counting Calories

BREAKFAST: oatmeal w/blueberries
~1/2c dry oats w/water
~1/2c blueberries
~1 Tbs honey
~1c fat free milk
NUTRITION INFO: 344 calories...3g fat...68.5g carbs...15g protein

LUNCH: chicken salad
~4c greens
~4oz chicken breast
~1/8c Italian cheese blend
~4 Tbs fresh salsa
NUTRITION INFO: 212 calories...6g fat...13g carbs...30.5g protein

~1c strawberry halves = 49 calories...12g carbs.
~20 almonds =  162 calories...14g fat...6g carbs...6g protein

~Smoothie = 300 calories...5g fat...42g carbs...21g protein

DINNER: BBQ chicken breast (boneless/skinless) and beans
~4oz chicken breast
~1/2c baked beans
~1 Orowheat sandwich thins (100% whole wheat)
NUTRITION INFO: 424 calories...6g fat...50g carbs...47g protein

GRAND DAILY TOTAL: 1,451 calories...34g fat...191.5g carbs...119.5g protein

Now this calorie number is lower then it should be.  My calorie intake should say 1,550.  When you read labels, they will round up or down sometimes, so it is important to know what you're doing when counting calories.  Seeing the 1,400 number, I would have eaten a bit more later, but the truth tells me I'm done. 
~For those who are not sure what I'm talking about, here is how you calculate the calories:
Take your carbs and protein number and multiply by 4 (four calories per gram of carbs/protein).  Then take your fat number and multiply that by 9 (nine calories per gram of fat).  Add those two numbers together and you have the correct calorie count.

FYI I will add up my total calories right after dinner, and that lets me know if I need to consume more food or not, and if so, what area do I need to add (carb or protein).


Maggie said...

Man, I hate counting calories as is, now I have to do math? lol I never knew there was a way to really know how many calories you really took in. Thats totally interesting. I have always just rounded off. If I show 1400 I would just say 1500. lol Only because I know, I probably didn't count something right.

Brit-Man said...

Your calories look a little low, bearing in mind 1,800 is a reccomended normal average for a sedentary female, not including a few more for exercise.

However that is my observation not a criticism. I appreciate it's your life and you're not eating in a bad way and of course I would always respect your decisions, because it will always matter to me how you feel and what you think.

You're a great person and I like the fact your deciding to hold yourself more accountable for things, as I think it will help :-) :-).

I also quite like that picture of you. You look like you occasionally work as a stage performer, doing a ventriloquist style act.

What's that Mr Apple, you contain fibre and antioxidents?

Yes Madam Colette.

Well aren't you the one Mr Apple, charming the audience with your Antioxidents and Fibre.

And your skin could stay as smooth and wrinkle free like mine Madame Colette.

Ohh Mr Apple, you smoothie. Isn't he a smoothie Ladies and Gentleman.

Ohh please Madame Colette, I deserve a better send off than ending up as a smoothie. A tart at least.

Mr Apple are you calling me a tart you naughty fruit?

Ohh I wouldn't dare. Whatever would the neighbours think?


Take care and best wishes.

:-) :-).


Colette said...

Matt I am laughing so hard right now!!!

you are right about the calorie thing...I'm just trying to shed a bit of weight for now, then I will up the intake :) I welcome your questioning and your humor :)