Thursday, August 26, 2010

Motivated myself and Did It!

This morning I got up, put on my workout clothes again, and planned to get out after Ash leaves for school.  On the way to school, Ash tells me she forgot her flash cards and asked if I could bring them at 9:10am.  Right away I was thinking about the time limit on my workout and I know if I wait 'till after I bring her the stuff, I most likely won't do the workout.  I then got on facebook and my sister-in-law replied asking why i was on the computer at this time...busted!  She was right and called me out on it, and because of her (thank you) I got myself motivated!  I said to myself, why not walk to her school and bring the stuff to her?  The school is not that close, so I know it will be a good workout for sure.  I then planned on the time it would probably take me to get there, left accordingly, got there 10 minutes sooner so I walked around the neighborhood by her school, gave her the stuff and walked back home.  Total time was an hour and fifteen minutes of brisk walking!  My body is tired but I feel so damn good right now!

My son and his girlfriend came for dinner last night and he showed us his EMT stuff.  He was so tired from his first day, but loves the instructor.  I am so proud of him!  He's also got such a good woman by his side.  She went to the store the night before, bought him some energy drinks and food to take with him, PLUS brought him lunch!  How great is she!


Brit-Man said...

You did the right thing Colette. It's about realising what is best and what isn't for your own needs and peace of mind.

You can be proud of taking this step, but it will need to be a consistent one, as you nearly slipped up again, were it not for a member of your family getting in your face about it, making you rethink :-p :-p.

I know you can make the necessary commitments happen.

Good luck and don't ever stop being proud of you. In your life you have become a wonderful parent and a wonderful human being and that smile is the smile of someone with a great heart and lot of human worth to share.

Don't underestimate yourself yeah :-) :-).


leslie said...

Love how you managed to get what you BOTH needed. Way to go, C!