Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sunday's Eats

As promised, here is the first posting of what I'm eating.  I'm going to add brand names of the foods and the total nutrition numbers.  If there is anything else that may be helpful, please let me know :)

BREAKFAST:  Egg muffin sandwich, strawberries, milk
~Orowheat 100% whole wheat english muffin
~3 egg whites
~1/8c 4-blend Italian cheese
~Spray butter
~1c halved fresh strawberries
~8oz fat free milk
Nutrition Info: 389 calories...6g fat...54g carbs...32g protein

LUNCH:  Smoothie
~1c tropical fruit (frozen)
~1c frozen collard greens
~2 Tbs ground flax seed
~1c ZOI nonfat plain Greek yogurt
~1 pkt Splenda sweetener
Nutritional Info:  300 calories...5g fat...42g carbs...21g protein

~1oz (20 whole) Raw Almonds = 162 calories...14g fat...6g carbs...6g protein
~1 hard-boiled egg plus 1 hard-boiled egg white = 93 calories...5g fat...1g carb....10g protein
~1/2c low fat cottage cheese = 100 calories...2.5g fat...5g carbs...14g protein

DINNER:  Spaghetti w/homemade meat sauce and broccoli
~4oz lean ground turkey meat
~1/2c crushed tomato pasta sauce
~2oz (1c) Barilla whole grain pasta
~1/8c 4-blend Italian cheeses
~1c steamed broccoli
Nutritional Info:  467 calories...54g carbs...12.5g fat...37.5g protein

~1,535 calories...162g carbs...45g fat...120.5g protein


Maggie said...

Wow! Your line up of meals looks amazing. What kind of Italian cheese did you use?

Colette said...

a costco one. Any parm-blend is healthy. you don't need much because the flavor is so intense (just don't use Kraft...pick one that is shredded and in the deli section).

Brit-Man said...

I'm glad you're progressing in a way that you want to.

Good luck and best wishes.

:-) :-).


Hayley said...

LOVE it!! Your meals look very balanced & nutritious... :)

Colette said...

Thanks Matt :)

I'm trying, Hayley LOL