Thursday, August 5, 2010

Time to get back to normal!

I am excited to report that my dad's biopsy showed he has cysts and it does not look like cancer at all!  They now just have to figure out what type of cyst it is and we should know by Monday.  What a relief!!  I made a comment that I am so mad about the radiologist who started the worrying in the first place.  Saying that the mass was dense and it most likely was far from the truth that was!  Why would they say that and make you think you're a goner like that?  How could someone in that field make such a horrible mistake?  Dad was okay with it though.  He said that because of that scare, he realized that family is more important than work, and it got him to retire and look forward to what's most important.  When you look at it that way, I guess the mistake was a good thing after all :)

Now that life is not up in the air, I can finally get back to normal.  What a wonderful feeling this is for my whole family!  A huge weight has been lifted!

~With hubby on vacation, as always in the past, it is hard to stay on my regular routine.  I don't eat on a schedule and I'm not working out.  I have been eating good, except when dad took us all out to celebrate his new life.  I felt so horrible after that meal!  My belly was hurting and busting out!  Two good things about it though are it made me not want to ever feel like that again, and it got me "going" again LOL.  We were all feeling bloated and pain!  The food was wonderful, but it was so good that you just couldn't stop eating it!  Lesson learned!

I will start logging my foods in a few days, more for me, but also for others to see what clean/healthy food looks like.  Sometimes I assume that everyone knows the basics of good food, but when I get to talking to others I find out that so many really don't know.  I get many people reading my blog...not everyone comments but I do get emails and face-to-face questions about what I've written, so I know this will be very helpful for them.  I see that people think they are choosing healthy foods, but they are so not!  I want this blog to be able to help others know what to look for and maybe even learn what a true portion looks like. 


Hayley said...

I am so completely and unbelievably relieved to hear the good news about your dad. I'm not sure why that radiologist gave you guys the news he did - I think Chris tries to be extremely careful about making those kinds of diagnoses for that specific reason. My doctor did the same thing with me last week about my size and the weight of the baby, etc, by telling me I was going to have to have biweekly ultrasounds, fetal monitoring every week, etc. I was in tears and then after one ultrasound it turns out things weren't as bad as they thought and I don't have to go in for all that stuff. PANIC for nothing!! Still, if it made your dad realize just how important family and life is then I guess it wasn't all bad. :)

I can't wait to see your food log and hear more about your progress! As far as I'm concerned you're doing great..XOXO

Maggie said...

I had the same thing happen. Doctor said it was a type of cancer, that I will need radiation for. Come to find out after seeing Oncologist it was a simple surgery, and was NOT what the doctor claim it was. You're right, they should NOT say any thing and just send you to oncologist to give their assessment. We worried the entire week prior of seeing oncologist.

With that said, I'm soooo happy your dad will be okay. :)

I'm also glad you'll be logging in your meals. I really need help in this area. I swear, this should be easy, but for some reason, I'm struggling with remembering whats what. lol

Hope you have a wonderful day!!<3

Brit-Man said...

The main thing is that everything is okay and you can concentrate more on what you need to do, without having something very worrying making things a lot more difficult.

Keep doing what you're doing and be proud of yourself.

:-) :-).