Friday, August 27, 2010

To Many Choices!

Do you get overwhelmed with all the latest diet and exercise trends that are constantly popping up?  There are so many choices out there with each saying they are the best new thing since sliced bread.  Just look through a fitness magazine and page after page you will find the latest diet pill showing this fit, muscular human talking about how they got that body by taking this pill (and in tiny words, "results not typical...with diet and exercise" yet people fall for it, buy it, lose water weight then gain all the pounds and then some right back.  Not healthy, not good, not okay!

The good thing about new exercise trends is we can try something new and see how we like it, or we can switch around different ones to keep things fresh and exciting.  Bottom line about working out is...if you enjoy what you are doing, keep doing it.  If you hate what you are doing....try something new.  As long as you are moving your body, burning calories, you will lose weight or maintain your weight....and if you are enjoying the workout, you are more likely to stick with it and maybe even look forward to doing it :)

With food choices, bottom line is calories.  If you don't like eating celery sticks...DON'T eat them.  If you like chips and salsa, eat baked chips.  As long as you NEVER cut out an entire food groups (carbs/fat) and account for every calorie you take in, and workout, you will lose weight and enjoy what you're eating and won't look at it as "dieting".  This will be easier to stick with....calories in/calories out = weight loss...period!

Women should never go below 1200 calories and men 1600.  Never cut out a food group.  Never skip a meal.  When people don't follow these rules, the results usually will be; water AND muscle loss, which lowers your metabolism and when you do eat normal your body's metabolism is slower, so it will not burn off those extra calories and you will gain all the weight back and more!  When you cut out a meal, I promise you will eat those calories later in the day and then some, which will help you GAIN weight, not lose it.

~On a different note, I went out for 30 minutes and ran most of the time.  I got on the scale and still have not lost anymore weight, but with the not-so-good eating I've been doing I'm not surprised.  Today will be different and i will start back on track with the clean eating and keeping up with the walk/run/or weights every day.


Brit-Man said...

People will always be suckers for what could be called "snake oil".

There's always a vulnerable, body conscious person out there, ignorant, guillable and easy to exploit, by people selling you false promises, lies and rubbish.

Possibly the worst offenders are people who sell books, claiming to give you the dieting secrets, industry insiders don't want you to know.

Free e-zines claiming that, are probably not so bad. At least if they're full of rubbish or pljurised info you get on forums, you aren't getting scammed for money, but when you're paying for something that comes with unstubstantiated claims and vague accusations towards people and parties unknown, that gets my suspicions immediately.

Some of these people could be slick, self gratifying, head up their arse types, that may well live in a delusional state, where they believe they could sell ice to Eskimos and sand to Arabs, they're so darn wonderful, (insert small patch of sick here)<-----.

Oh and I saw something I suspected would happen, recently as well.

About 18 months ago, Swedish scientists identified something in Adults, a substance called Brown Fat, that contains Mitochondira, the energy storing cells in muscles.

Brown Fat had previously been thought to exists in babaies, but ending up in minute to no levels, by around 10 years old or so.

It supposedly helps to burn White Fat, though scientists couldn't pinpoint any triggers for the Brown Fat, to mobilise it on command if you like.

I saw an internet advert this week, claiming a product that stimulates Brown Fat. This was likely, given the claims at the time. The report stating, (if I remember it properly), the most likely outcome, would be a commercially available pill type product that stimulated it.

Good science, crappy potential outcome for it. Now I know there's already kooks jumping on the bandwagon.

It's a joke, but that's life.

Credit card crime didn't exist before credit cards, so go figure someone would soon enough exploit this science, for profitable gain.

Wonder if that company has had it's first sucker yet?

Take care and best wishes. Great to see your consistency on the activity becoming strong.

WELL DONE, I'm proud of you.

:-) :-).


Colette said...

I did hear something about the "brown fat" and I am not surprised that companies are going to market a pill somehow because of it.

There are so many the Acia berry...that is in EVERYTHING now! The only good thing about it is the strong antioxident property it people, you will not lose weight with this product! I know someone who actually bought this pill for weightloss! Even though I told her it was rubbish, she still took it...did she lose anything? Yes, her money LOL

As far as the consistency thing for me...I'm making myself just get out there for now, but I know eventually it will become habit and I won't think twice about it. Now though, I'm thinking twice and then some LOL ;)

Brit-Man said...

Gimmicks what else?

I think it's laughable that people put Caffeine in energy drinks, then brag about the Seretonin relasing effects.

1. Caffeine blocks Iron absorption, which could cause a reduction in Red Blood Cell, (Erythrocyte), levels, so less Oxygen to the muscles and Brain.

Caffeine also constricts bloodvessels, so less Oxygen to muscles and cells, potentially causing more of the Pyruvate created from Glucose and Glycogen, to be converted to Ethanol Alcohol and Lactic Acid.

I'd like to know how the Brain will produce the extra Seratonin, if it's getting less Oxygen delivery during a workout?

Plus it would be funny if they wrote on the cans, "Disclaimer: This product may increase your Lactic Acid formation".

Though the vast majority of supplement companies that like to B.S. people, wouldn't start telling the truth, as that's too much like hard work :-p :-p

Hayley said...

I'm so behind on blogs and will do the best I can in the future with reading as often as I can, but I might not always be able to post. Just wanted to let you know that I thought this was an excellent post and I'm so glad to hear you're doing well on the food and exercise front! It really does make a big difference, right? :) Love you!

Colette said...

Hayley, I'm shocked you even had time to post LOL You just gave birth to the most beautiful little girl! But, i'm glad you did :)

Love ya too!