Monday, August 30, 2010

Weekend in Fitness

I am happy to say that I got outside both Saturday and Sunday to do cardio.  Yesterday I clocked out one full mile and after I walked a mile and a half, I started at the mile mark and jogged all the way!  I only took a 20 second stop/break and then continued onward.  I can't believe how long a mile is though when you are running/jogging LOL but at least I did it!  Last night my upper legs/butt were a little sore, but that's okay with me :)  I figure today I will let my body rest a bit and just do some weight work.  I'll get back out there tomorrow and see if I can do that mile this time without any breaks.

My eating has been better, and I can "feel" the difference!  Between the cardio and eating, I have more energy and just feel if only I can remember this feeling and next time I try to make excuses not to workout, I'll come back to this memory and get out there ;)

I have been so enjoying my "power" shake.  I use: 1c mixed berries (antioxidants), 1 scoop protein powder (protein), 1c fat free milk (calcium), 1/3c All Bran bran buds (fiber), 1 scoop flax seed (omegas), 1c frozen collard greens and 1c frozen spinach (veggies)...blend and you get a large drink/meal for under 400 calories


Brit-Man said...

I'm glad that you're able to show some consistency. You CAN be proud of yourself.

Well done and best wishes.

:-) :-).


Maggie said...

Congrats on the run/jog lol Seriously you're doing great. I love your new profile picture. You look amazing. :)

Evelyne said...

GO GIRL!!! YAY for the jog! You look terrific!

Ruby said...

Great job Colette you are doing awesome! I know what you mean about remembering how good it feels when you taking care of yourself. I think that may be why journaling works so well. If you ever feel the need to cheat go back and read how you felt after and it may make you think twice.XXXOO

Colette said...

Thanks guys, and Ruby you are right about looking back and remembering how working out feels ;)