Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Change

As you may have noticed, I have made some changes to my blog.  I'm still not sure about the "look" though, so that may still be changing.  I was looking for a Fall feel, but not a fan of orange colors.

Why the change?  I was missing the way my very first blog went.  So many people would comment and could relate more because it was all about life in general.  I tried focusing on one topic, but that got boring for me.  Yes, I'm into the whole health and fitness stuff, but that is only a part of who I am.  This blog will be going back to my life in general.  I want a place to talk about my ups and my downs, the new things I learn in the fitness/health field, my opinions about life around me.  Not everything will be of interest to some, but that's okay...this is for me :)

Hope you enjoy :)
EDIT:  I think I found a nice background, so the fall leaves will be staying LOL


Maggie said...

The colors are great the swirls make me dizzy. lol I love that you'll be changing things up on your blog. Talking about your every day life and feelings. You're right, talking about one subject gets boring after awhile. That's probably why I don't blog as much. How many times can one hear, I'm eating like crap, or gaining and losing and gaining again. lol {{hugs}}

Brit-Man said...

I don't know. You change your blog, change it again, thne again, then start a new ones, then change it again then again.

You're like some sort of restless spirit, never satisfied and always looking for peerfection :-p :-p.

I don't think you'll ever find the true effect you're looking for. One of those unfulfilled ambitions in life :-p :-p.

I think you're like most of us, having ups and downs, but no matter what happens, you always remain the wonderful person you have been and you never let anyone or anything spoil or detract from that.

I like your new picture. You look like a real Lady and you look SUPERB!!!!

WELL DONE. You deserve to be proud of yourself. You're a great advertisement for the maturing female and in nearly 3 years now, I've seen you continue to progress and blossom and it's wonderful to see that you're not someone that has become comfortable with being a certain person and that you have tried to to improve yourself, physically and intellectually as well.

I'm proud to have witnessed such positive things in your life and got to know someone who is very positive, endearing and touching.

THANK YOU for giving me the chance to know you and for having the honour of calling you a friend. I hope life continues to treat you well, you deserve it.

Whatever you want to write about, I know you'll do it with great heart and emotion and with a lot of beautiful honesty.

Take care and very best wishes.

:-) :-).


Colette said...

M, I don't think I like any of it...swirls and all! Yep, I was getting bored with the same talk and missed talking about other stuff on my mind.

Matt, you crack me up! I have been all over the place in the past three years! I think blogging is the only thing in my life that I do that least I hope so ;) Once again, your kind words have touched my heart and I thank you for that. As you know, I will talk from the heart and it will be raw...what I'm feeling is what I'll be writing, just as I did in the past. I have missed that, so I think this time is a keeper (I won't promise that though LOL ).

Best wishes to you too my friend!

Hayley said...

I love your new blog background! It reminds me of when you used to change your layout according to the seasons on your old blog. Speaking of which, I think it's great that you're going to talk about anything and everything that's on your mind. It's YOUR blog so you can discuss whatever floats your boat. I know I'll always be reading! :)

Colette said...

Thank you so much Hayley, and I will be changing the look with the seasons once again :) That's what I love about your talk about anything and everything too :)