Friday, September 10, 2010

Who I Am


A mother, wife, daughter, sister, aunt, friend
~A mother who is looking forward to one day being a grandma

Someone who doesn't have a relationship with her mother
~Someone who yearns for a real mom

A woman who has a husband that after 20 yrs of knowing eachother, still looks at me with such love
~A woman who has a marriage that is still unbelievable to me

A mom who thinks the world of her kids and is thankful every day for the bond that we have
~A mom who hurts deeply when they hurt

A person who took many, many years to get her AA
~A person who worked hard and succeeded

Someone who tries to eat healthy most of the time and workout most days of the week
~Someone who still struggles at times to stay on the healthy path

A person who won't judge the color of your skin, your sexuality preference, your tattoos or piercings
~A person who will judge the person inside

Someone who believes in a higher power/force/energy
~Someone who does not believe in the bible

A person who has a huge heart, that sometimes gets taken advantage of
~A person who won't let those people stop me from caring

Someone who is compassionate, sensitive, full of love
~Someone who sometimes gets so caught up in someone else's pain that I feel as it's happening to me

A person that will put someone else first
~A person who loses myself sometimes

Someone who loves purses, scented candles, soft fluffy things
~Someone who doesn't care about shoes, clothes, getting my nails done, the latest "must-have"

A person who loves sunshine, blue skies, Spring, Fall, animals, nature
~A person who gets down when it's cold, cloudy, dark

Someone who is all natural
~Someone who will keep it that way

A person who loves pizza, pasta, candy bars with caramel and nuts, cheese, apples, most veggies and fruit, Cheez It's, pie, peanut butter, and so much more
~A person who does not like sea food, fried veggies, canned veggies, lamb, blue cheese, most fast food, real soda

Someone who feels blessed beyond belief
~Someone who loves being ME!



Brit-Man said...

I'll be brief.

You are YOU!!!!


:-) :-).


Maggie said...

Wow!! I love this! We are twins! {{hugs}}

Colette said...

That's right, Matt ;)

M, I thought we were too :)

leslie said...


Hayley said...

Beautifully written Colette! I agree with everything you wrote...