Tuesday, September 14, 2010

You Are What You Eat

Boy is this title true!  For the past week I have been putting lots of crap into my body, and after yesterday I sure feel that way!  I couldn't sleep last night, and all morning I have been feeling heavy, unmotivated, sluggish, nausea, and just plain shitty.  This is the worse I have felt in a very long time and it sucks BIG TIME! 

So, why did I do this to myself?  Simple.  I was craving something sweet last week (that time of the month), didn't have anything like that in the house, so I tried to fill that want with other foods and kept eating trying to satisfy myself.  Never worked, and by this weekend I ate, bought some treats and continued eating foods high in fat, sodium, and sugar!  Not a good thing at all, especially when your body is NOT used to taking in so much of that a crap at once.  Believe me though, I am paying the price in spades and I do not like it one bit!  From here on out I will be going through a kind of detox.  Nothing but lean protein and fruits and veggies for me.  I will not let myself get to this point again either, and if I am craving that sweet, I will allow myself to have it right then and there...a small amount though. 

I ate like crap for a week, and now I feel llike crap....so as the title says, you are what you eat :)


Brit-Man said...

That you are what you eat thing, was espoused as a kid ot me, though for different reasons.

I you eat any more Cihcken you'll start turning into a Chicken. If you eat any more Pork you'll start turning in to a Pig.

Makes you wonder what happens if you eat too much Bread then. Do you start turning into a Wheatsheaf?

:-p :-p.

Take care and best wishes.


Maggie said...

Have I ever been there done that. Kept myself from eating what I really wanted and end up eating more than if I would have just allowed myself to eat the damn thing. lol

I have no doubt you'll get back on track and have a successful week!


Hayley said...

I SO hear you on this one! When Chris' mom was here she baked some totally decadent chocolate pie, then a friend of mine brought over tons of food, which included another chocolate pie, and of course as I've eaten this stuff I've found myself craving sweets and chocolate ALL the time!!! Not that I'm saying I don't want to allow myself to have it, but last night I also slept horribly and this morning I feel like crap. I will be thinking of you for motivation next time the urge to snack on the crap strikes...I want to make sure the calories I'm taking in are from healthy foods so I can pass along that goodness to Chloe!

Here's to our health.. :)

Colette said...

LOL Matt :)

M, I think we have ALL been there done that! Hugs to you too girl!

Haley, I'm so glad that the word Pie didn't trigger something in me LOL We can look to each other then for motivation and make sure we all eat the healthy stuff more often than the crap! Having Chloe to think about, and Ashley for me, makes choosing the right decisions easier ;)

Yes, here's to our health!!