Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Busy life

I have been wanting to post so much, but time just goes by and it doesn't get done!  There has been many times where I would say to myself, I need to blog about this, and then that's as far as it goes LOL

So last weekend was filled with homecoming stuff.  The football game was so cool (half-time show) and then the next night was the dance.  Ashley looks absolutely gorgeous and Cliff look as handsome as ever.  They went with three other couples and I did all the driving.  I just can't explain how much my heart fills up when I witness these events with Ashley.  She is growing up so fast, and I get to see and be a part of it all!  Some people asked me why I have to do all the driving and I ask them, why wouldn't I?  These parents don't realize what they are missing out on!  I get to see and hear the excitement as they are going out to eat, then how fun it was in the restaurant and the latest gossip, and then we crank up the music to get them pumped more for the dance and I get to feel their excitement as we approach the school!  When I pick them up, I am the one who hears all about the dance.  I am so tuned-in to what these kids talk about, feel, think, etc.  I get to see, hear, and communicate with each one of them and I wouldn't change it for the world!!!  I only have two more years of this, and that will go by fast enough.  So I ask all the parents out there, why would you NOT be as involved as can be?  Forget about your "time" or taking this opportunity to get out yourself...there are plenty of time for all that, but THIS time will never happen again!!

Missing one couple/they met at the restaurant


leslie said...

Colette, you are SO right on with this! I was the lucky one who GOT TO drive Tucker and his friends. Keep being an awesome influence, both in your daughter's life, and in her friends lives!

Brit-Man said...

Be proud of yourself Colette. Your daughter is clearly a wonderful young Lady, raised with the help of your own beautiful qualities and unique human touch.

she isa wonderful advertismentt for what sort of Mother you are.

CONGRATS. You've done a stellar job with her and she is growing up to be a wonderful member of society.

The world needs more people like you and her to help make it a better place. Keep doing your bit for the good of the world and keep being proud of it.

You deserve to be.

:-) :-).


Maggie said...

This is why i like you so much! You Rock as a parent! Ashley is soo gorgeous. She is growing up! :)

Hayley said...

I couldn't agree with your more and just look how great of a girl Ashley is turning out to be - that's because of you and your husband and the time that you guys spend with her. I wouldn't trade my relationship with my mom for ANYTHING. No matter how old she is you guys will always be best friends. Ashley really does look beautiful... :)

Colette said...

Dang, thank you ALL for such wonderful and beautiful words. I can't take this smile off my face now LOL. With friends like you, life is a wonderful place to be :)