Monday, October 4, 2010

Great week, but feeling blah today

I must say, I feel like one very blessed and lucky person.  My birthday was wonderful, and so many wonderful birthday wishes and such kind words from so many!  I also celebrated my 16th year anniversary, to the man who has been there for me in every way, who has been the most amazing husband and father, who is a blessing in itself.  He loves me with all his heart, and I know this without any doubt, and I feel the same about him too.  Yes, this week has been a wonderful one indeed!

On the eating and workout front, it's been okay.  I can't say good, because with my birthday and anniversary I was not about to watch what I eat.  Nope, I will enjoy myself when it comes to special occasions, and then jump back into it when it's over.  I did eat litte and healthy for most of those two days, so that's not to bad :)

Today I'm not feeling to jolly.  I want to hide and be alone.  Not sure why, but this is how I am feeling.  I do "start" this week, so that may be some of the cause, or maybe I'm now coming down from so much visiting, love, fun that being home alone today just feels down.  They sky is overcast, but it's only been one day of that, so I don't think that would be the cause LOL.  I know I'll snap out of it, but just needed to get it out there :)

 Took Ashley and Cliff to see the movie, "Catfish" yesterday.  It is a documentary about a guys journey with a Facebook connection.  Very strange and sorta creepy.  All I can say is don't get to involved with strangers via Facebook ;)

I hope to write more in my blog than once a week.  Now that things are back to normal, that may be easy to accomplish.  Have a super day!!


Ruby said...

hi Colette wanted to wish you a Happy Belated Birthday.
I will be back but have been so busy.
Everything is actually going great.
Started back on the working out front and eating properly but only really since Monday. I have been going back and forth.
Thank you for thinking of me and stopping by my blog. I never set my blog to have any comments left there emailed to me so did not know you posted until I visited it today.
I hope you are feeling better today . Sending hugs XXXXOOO

Colette said...

It is great to hear from you Ruby! I've missed reading your blog, but glad to hear you'll be back and that everything is going great for you now. Thanks for the hugs :)

Brit-Man said...

Who is that charming Lady and what has she done with Colette :-p :-p.

Seriously though, you are someone that proves that in this modern world of quickie divorces and increased marriage failure rates, you can be part of something that lasts a long time.

You can be proud of the achievement you are part of, as a married Lady and you can also be proud of yourself, for all the hard work you have given to your children.

I'm glad you had a great day, you really are one of lifes stellar people and you deserve to feel like i tas well.

Keep on being you and good luck for the future, because you are definitely quite special.

:-) :-).


Colette said...

hey, are you saying I'm usually NOT charming... ;)

Thank you Matt, you made me smile :) Have a super week!

Hayley said...

Oddly enough I taped 20/20 last night and it's all about this movie - then I saw your post and it's so weird because I'd never even heard of Catfish and now it's popping up everywhere. It certainly seems like an interesting story, but totally bizarre! The lady who created everything is pretty messed up...I feel sorry for the girl whose face identity was stolen!

I hope you're doing well and that you enjoyed your birthday! My mom felt, for a long time, the way you did about wanting a job. She ended up getting some part time work at the library, met a ton of great people and absolutely loved it. Unfortunately (or not?) she's quit now so that she can travel whenever he wants to come see Chloe and I. :)