Thursday, November 18, 2010

Crazy few days but going strong

First I want to tell my wonderful friend Donna how great it is that she commented...I knew you read, but first time commenting.  I remember the first day I came to school too, and we will never forget those memories!  I am so thankful to have you in my life too!  I love you girl!!!!!

Okay, now on to me lol
This week has been crazy.  Ashley broke up with her boyfriend last week and now rumors are flying around and other kids are getting involved trying to create drama.  Her ex is angry and lashing out, trying to hurt her and it's working.  I understand why he's doing what he's doing, but it's not okay.  She is learning who her true friends are in a big way!  My heart breaks for her, but she is a very strong girl with such wonderful spirits that I know she will bounce back soon and be an even stronger person for it :)

My mom is up to her crap once again...this time to my brother.  I'm thinking this may be the final straw for him.  I feel for him and have an idea what's going on in his head.

My hubby's job is getting worse.  He hates it so much and comes home miserable.  I want to help him, but can't...well, I can in my own way.  I'm trying to just make his life here at home easy and happy.  With both him and my baby girl falling apart, it's tough!  At least Justin seems to be doing fine :)

My other friend is wanting to up her anti-depressants because the doctors are giving her the run-around with this gastric by-pass surgery crap!  My heart brakes for her too :(

With all this going on, you'd think I would just put myself on hold and just focus on them.  Nope, not this time!  I am counting calories and getting outside and walking 45 min each day!  It feels great and it's something I definitely need to keep doing...I think that's what's keeping me sane LOL 

Life always takes turns along the way, but I know sooner or later the road will be straight again :)


Brit-Man said...

The thing to remember is, however hard you want to be involved, you have to find that balance between involvement and distance.

People wuill always appreciate what you can offer them, because you are VERY emotionally gifted, so I hope that things will work out for you and those concerned.

You are a wonderful and special Lady Colette. Those around you are so lucky, so take heart from that and keep on being you.

It's worth an immeasurable amount.

:-) :-).


hayleycepeda said...

Good for you for taking care of yourself - I try and remind myself (when I feel guilty for leaving Chloe while I go work out, etc) that I can't take care of her unless I take care of myself and working out helps me mentally as well as physically.

I am so sorry to hear that about Ashley and her boyfriend. It's one thing to break up with someone and have to go through that crap, but to have friends and people talk junk behind your back?! Ugh...I have to admit I don't miss high school one bit. I'm so glad she has you as a mom to talk to and lean on for support.

Your mother sounds insane! I hate to say this, but at least by focusing on your brother she's off your back! Still, she clearly has issues...