Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Family, Football, Halloween, and Warm Weather

In the past week, we had our nephew from New York come stay with us for a few days.  He had an audition for an opera spot in the city, and since he is sooooooooo great at singing opera, I know he did great!  This was his first time to California so we all got to show him around this area and of course San Fransisco.  He loved every bit of it, but glad to be back home too :)

Last Friday was the last home game for Ashley's boyfriends football and this weekend will be her schools last home game.  Both schools are doing great and that makes for some good football watching.  And while I'm talking sports, how about those Giants?  Awesome!!!!!!  Between them and the Oakland Raiders, seems like the Bay Area is representing in a big way, and I like that!

Halloween was great!  We went to Vallejo and visited with my brother and his kids, then we went to Six Flags.  The weather was perfect and riding these rides in the dark was a completely different vibe.  They had the place decked out for Halloween and when it got dark, the fog machines came out and zombies were hiding and walking around.  These were the scariest, ugliest costumes and the dark sky and fog just intensified the experience.  One of the zombies started walking so close to Ashley and keeping up with her, then talking to her, asking if "she wants to be his friends...what is her name"...and as she said "get away", he said, "I thought you wanted to be my friend"  that was the creepiest thing for her and as this is going on, some monster comes sliding up to her on his hands and knees and acts like he's going to grab her leg!!!!  This was a Halloween she will never forget!!! 

Get this, it's November and we are going to be hitting the upper 70's all week long!!!! The bruise on my arm is just about gone, so I think I'll be safe wearing short sleeve shirts without people thinking I'm abused LOL 

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Brit-Man said...

I'm glad you're doing well.

Take care and best wishes.

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