Thursday, January 6, 2011

Day Three and Four and Pedometers

Yesterday was tough as far as time goes.  Needed to go back to hospital to visit my friend, had to go to Costco, drop off papers at the school, cook dinner, take Ash to youth group, and find time to get my workout in (among other things).
~I am happy to say that I accomplished it all and was tired as hell by bedtime, but that is okay.  I am happy with myself and enjoying getting out there and working out.  I was able to put in a 30 minute 4mph walk, but unable to hit the weights.  Eating has been excellent!  No junk in this body and surprisingly, not wanting it. 

Today I was able to get the house cleaned up, take an hour brisk walk, AND hit the weights.  I feel sore, but oh so good!  Still no problem with food and finally getting enough fuel in this body.  I'm not as sore as the past few days, but after today's weight workout, we shall see what tomorrow brings LOL  Loving life in a big way!!

Pedometers:  I'm not sure how I feel about these.  These things are so sensitive that it gives people a false sense of what they actually did.  I have been using mine only for my walks, so I know for sure how fast/far I've actually went.  I set it to zero as soon as I walk out my door, and slowly take it off as soon as I walk back into the house.  The problem with these is it will click when you bend over, sit down, even while driving in your car!  People will keep them on all day and think they are moving way more then they really are, which is why I think people need to be better aware of this.  Just a little FYI :)


Hayley said...

Just wanted you to know that I'm still reading! You seem very motivated and I love your energy! What kind of nutrition plan are you following?

Colette said...

Thanks Hayley :)

I'm not following any "plan" just cutting out the breads/pasta/sugar/processed foods and eating more nature made foods such as squash, greens, veggie soups, eggs, chicken, tuna, greek yogurt, milk, some cheeses, and fruits.