Monday, February 28, 2011

Day Ten~ Rest...Let's Talk

Since today is a rest day, I will be taking my Ipod outside for a good long walk in the sunshine.  I miss the walking, so this will be a nice change of pace :)
So as promised, here are a few things I wanted to talk about...

Something happened a few weeks back that got in my head and is the root of my motivation.  This reason is why I know, without a doubt, that this time is the real deal about getting back to my happy 130lb self.  If a day comes and I don't want to workout, I will draw the words from my brain and the workout will be completed.  When I want to eat like crap, again these words will keep me focused.  So what could have been said to be so powerful to me...Someone told me I (body) finally look like a mom!  Yep, that is all it took to give me the motivation I desperately needed to get, and I thank you for that!  It was all said in good nature, nothing insulting was meant by this comment.  We were talking about the DVDs getting cancelled and she had said maybe it's a good thing, and when I was doing my last program I looked like a teenager and now I look more like a mom.  Well, right away in my head I was thinking ouch, I don't want to look like  a mom and I want my teenage body back, that is how you stay young and active.  Also, most moms still don't look like I do at my age, but I do know exactly what she meant.  I am thicker and that has got to go!  Again, I know this was not meant to insult, not at all, but it sure did put the fire under my ass that I needed to get off my butt and reach the goal I keep "talking" about reaching.  I truly thank you!

Diet/exercise Info
According to a Penn State researcher, who put dieters into three groups-no exercise (diet only), aerobic exercise only, and aerobic exercise with weight training-they all lost around 21lbs, BUT the weight lifters shed 6 lbs more FAT then the others!  The reason is, the lifters loss was pure FAT and not their metabolizing fat blasting muscle!!  Losing muscle will most likely have you gaining that weight right back, and also, the ones who lifted lost more inches then those who didn't lift.  When you just diet, your body looks for fuel and takes it wherever it can, and that means muscle will be used along with the fat.  When you lose muscle, you lose the only thing that actually helps speed up your metabolism...the more muscle you add, the more you burn all day long.  So, moral of the story...pick up those weights and get moving!  Even doing exercises using your own body weight is good to do, so learn what a squat, lunge, and push-up looks like and do them!

Stats Tab

Have you guys checked out the "stats" tab on your blog? It is so cool! You can see how many views that day/week/month your blog got, what state/country the views came from, and other stuff. I love it! I see that I get quite a few views a day, so I know people are reading, even if not commenting...oh, and if you are one of those people, I love all comments, so feel free to say hi. I already know many who read and will just email me or talk to me about what I've written, and that is cool too :)

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Brit-Man said...

Yep, a pound of muscle burns around 45-50 extra calories, but also the other bad thing about losing muscle, is that the person loses some bone and connective tissue support, which might be an issue in later life.

Nobody wants to be over 70 and have a bad back.

Good to know you're okay. Take care and best wishes.

:-) :-).