Thursday, February 24, 2011

Day Six~ Ultimate Cardio

When I saw that today was a cardio day I was pretty happy about body could use a bit of rest from the weights.  Well, not a chance of that happening.  I must say however that I LOVED this workout!  We pumped the iron for 30sec on and 30sec rest.  Of course there were different plank routines to do without the weights and some burpees.  I loved the fast pace of this one and felt my heart pounding while I lifted lighter weight with as many reps as I could do in the 30sec span.  Yep, this one is one I'll be looking forward to doing again!

There is one thing about these DVDs that I don't like nor do, and that's the cool down portion.  It's add-on and was taped separately.  It's the same one every time and has nothing to do with the workout that was just completed.  For example, after a hard workout with chest, back, abs, and arms I want to stretch out those muscles, yet the cool down part starts with stretching out the legs.  If that is all I don't like about these DVDs then I think that is pretty darn good, and I can just stretch the muscles myself if needed :)

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