Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Gods Are Telling Me Something!

I received a post card stating that my DVDs order had been cancelled, so I thought that it was a sign telling me that I have enough programs and don't need anymore....well, two days ago what comes to my door?  Yep, the DVDs!  Okay, what is going on here?  I laughed and figured that for whatever reason, the power above changed their minds and are telling me to get my ass in gear and do this!  So, that is what I will do :)
There is nothing fancy in the packaging of these DVDs, like P90X and Insanity give you, but it's not the packaging that will get you the results, so I guess I'm okay with that LOL

Now, I'm thinking about changing the title to my blog.  I did create the other word press blog, but when I got the news that the DVDs were cancelled, I deleted that blog.  I don't think I want to have to going on, so what I may do is just change this blogs name, use this one to keep track of the program and still keep it personal when I need to get stuff off my chest...what do you think about that?

I will be starting today....I think ;)
More to come......


Brit-Man said...

You should do what you feel is best. I mean who would mind anyway except weird people? :-p :-p

Take care and best wishes.


leslie said...

Go, Colette, GO!!!

Hayley said...

YAY for the dvds! Totally weird, but yay nevertheless! I go back and forth with WordPress, but I think I'm still moping that Apple doesn't have a Live Writer equivalent. WP is definitely more complicated but I guess people who are serious bloggers like it better. Either way keep this background!! I love it. :)

Maggie said...

Ok so you're doing a 90 day challenge? Can I join? I will do the pilate dvd while you do the hard stuff. lol Let me know when you start K.

Colette said...

Thanks guys and Maggie, I'm starting tomorrow (Saturday) so get that pilate DVD out and ready :)

I'm getting my head in the game and making sure I have all the foods that are in the nutrition program, then I'll be hitting it!!