Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Still Waiting!

I can not believe that I am still waiting for those stupid DVDs!  At least I can say that I have NOT been sitting around doing nothing.  I've been walking and I am so sore today from doing a DVD by Jackie.  It's only 30 minutes, but you are continuously moving and working your upper/lower body together with weights.  Kicked my butt for sure, but that's only because my muscles are so out of shape :(

I bought some Sketcher Tone-ups and love them!  I feel it in my butt and thighs ever so slightly (I got the everyday wear).  I feel very supported in these puppies and would recommend them to everyone.  I got mine at Costco for $49.

So, Justin is still half-heartedly looking for a job and my dad is getting worried.  I called Justin to let him know that coming back home is not an option and papa is not going to give you a free ride if you are not doing anything.  He began giving me excuses, which I didn't let him finish and called his bluff.  I told him that right now it's about getting a pay check and then he can find the job of his dreams.  Right now, he needs to just go into all the fast food places and he will be given a job in no time.  I also told him that right now, without working, those people who are doing grunt work/fast food are better off then he is.  They are above him at this point.  They are off their butts working and getting a pay check.  He has no excuse!  My dad also showed concern about the video game usage.  I agree and said I have been telling everyone this!  My brother thinks that Justin is more into the games then into girls, and I have to agree with that too.  It's sad, because Justin is a tall, good looking guy with such a big beautiful smile, clean-cut and so polite.  I just don't know what else I can do at this point.  I've talked to him about all this, and of course he is ignoring me now LOL  Oh well, I know it's for his own good and when he gets that job he will be glad for it.

On another note, Ashley got her permit (first try) and tonight she goes for her first driving lesson!!!  I am not ready for this!  She is nervous, and I said that is good, you should be.  I am excited for her but sad that my baby girl is growing up.  I can't wait to watch her drive tonight (through the curtains of course).

Have a healthy week everyone!!!!


Brit-Man said...

Colette, your Son will realise sooner rather than later about his situation, because he is clearly fooling himself to the point where he will call his own bluff.

There will come a point however, where you talking to him about things, runs him off it all, because you suddenly start coming across differently to how you were in the past.

If you're a certain personality type, suddenly appearing to morph into something else, will just screw things up with him, because he'll not be used to it and may not respect the person you are coming across as, because it's not someone he's learned to grow up with and accept to some extent and you sure as heck can't give him the go to your room without any supper treatment, because he isn't 10.

So the only thing you can do is to some extent back off and yes he might possibly self destruct in some way, but if he does, then you'll still be there, but right now he could decide the best thing to do when someone like you gives him grief, is to ignore it so it seems to go away, not correct the problem so the grief goes away.

Maybe you could encourage him to get involved with some kind of community projects, or unpaid stuff with charities, so he actually gets some kind of purpose to part of his week.

It won't be an excuse to then sag off looking for work, but a reason to feel productive, learn things, get experience and possibly do enough that the organisation could give him a paid capacity.

I'm sure you'll work things out, but you'll have to be patient and not be too full on with him I think.

Take care and best wishes.

:-) :-).


Colette said...

Matt, you are right about backing off, and I said what I thought needed to be said and i'm done. It's up to him now.

Have a great rest of the week :)

Roxie-Girl said...

STILL waiting for the DVD's??? Wow, you are a very patient woman. I'd be calling asking if it got lost in the mail, or if they even got your order.

Sorry to hear about Justin and the job thing. I have a 21 yr old Daughter who is still "lost", with a daughter of her own and another on the way. She is not married, but does work and have a place of her own. She just cannot seem to find her way and struggles every single day.

Let's cross our fingers for them and hope for the best.


Hayley said...

I can't believe you're still waiting for those DVD's...that's insane!!

I honestly think you're doing the right thing with Justin by not giving in. Tough love is exactly what he needs right now and as hard as it may be sometimes eventually I think it will all get through to him. He just needs to get a job doing something and then hopefully that will give him the confidence and motivation he needs to keep going.

That's so exciting for Ashley!! You're such a fantastic, supportive and loving mom, Colette. I feel like you and Ash have the same relationship and closeness that I have with my mom and I can only hope Chloe and I are the same way, too. I feel like I learn a lot from you guys.. :)

Here's to hoping those damn dvd's get there soon!!

Colette said...

Roxie-girl, it's nice to know we are not alone. Fingers are crossed for us both :)

Wow Hayley, what a wonderful thing to have said! It made me choke up a bit. I can only hope that Ashley and I have the same relationship as you and your mom. From all that I read, you guys are solid, and I want that too. Since you have it, I would bet money that you and Chloe will also be that close too.

As far as those DVDs, if they don't come by tomorrow, I will be calling. They sent me an email that said they recieved my order, so I don't know what's taking so long!

Maggie said...

WOW! Reading this was like reading my life. From hubby and I after 24yrs are still heavy into each other, to Justin and his job and game playing. I have said everything to James you have said to Justin. And he ignores me too. He wants it now, but doesn't want to put any effort in getting it.
James wants to move up from delivery driver to management. I said well, when you stop complaining about working more than 3 hrs a night, you might get that. UGH I know James is working, but for me, putting in less than 15hrs a week at 20 is not very encouraging on the big picture. He doesn't date either, cause he goes home and stays up all night playing games on xbox and computer. What is with theses kids?