Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Day Eleven~ Tabata Inferno Baby!

Holy Crap!  This kicked my butt and it feels GREAT!!!  I gave it my all, and the very last circuit round I couldn't do much...I am drained and was barely able to get the energy to get back up LOL  This was lots of plyometric moves, starting in a standing position and working your way to ground work, then back up again.  Twenty seconds for each exercise, ten seconds rest, two-four rounds then one minute rest.  Jump squats, burpees, plank up/downs, diamond push-ups, jump lunges...My face is beet red and sweaty.  I can feel the fat melting and after a workout like this, do you think I will be putting crap into my mouth?  Hell NO! 
~Okay, time for a green smoothie :)

FYI~  Bananas have gotten a bad rap, and it's so unfair.  This is a powerhouse food source, with loads of potassium and lots of good body filling fiber.  It's a food that alone will give you all the energy you need to workout for an hour and not slow down, and a food that will help you not to get those leg cramps that we sometimes get. 
~The bad rap comes from the sugar content that a banana usually has.  The truth is, if you pick a banana with some green on the peel, the sugar count is low, as is the calories.  The riper the fruit the higher the sugar count, which means the more calories in that banana.  So don't snub the yellow fruit anymore...grab it and eat it with pride :) 

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