Sunday, March 6, 2011

Day Fourteen and Fifteen~ Legs, Chest and Back

First, let me welcome Jenny and answer her question.  I have found that if I blog my workout and experience I will stay with it and be held accountable.  As you go along this way, you pick-up new followers and they are watching, maybe even being motivated by what they read each day.  So for me, this works and I do enjoy it very much.  I can't wait to look back when the program is over and see where I started and how far I've come.  Already I feel stronger and have increased weight and now can do six regular push-ups before dropping to my knees and finishing up.

~Yesterday was Legs and by the end of this workout, my face is red and my legs are like jelly.  I love all the squats and reverse lunges, but those Bulgarian lunges I can do without!  Don't like them, don't do all of them, don't care LOL  They are like the picture to the left, but you are holding weights and doing about twelve per leg twice around.  Yuck!

Each day we do core work, and I'm sorry, but each day my core is still a bit tender and I can't do all the exercises each time.  When I come back from the rest day, I'm once again strong and able to work it out once again.  Oh well, at least I continue to do as many as I can and that will get me the results I'm looking for :)

~Chest and Back have to be my favorite workout.  It seems that we do more variety then the same stuff over and over, and the time goes by faster.  I was able to do a few incline push-ups this time around and I felt proud about that.  Once again, my glutes are hurting baby!  I love the fact that when I stand up, I can feel those big muscles, which lets me know I had a GREAT workout the day before :) 
I got on the scale today and saw no difference in movement, but my pants fit once again, so I know that my body is changing and eventually the scale will go down.  My arms are solid like they used to be and I can make a small hill again LOL  I'm not worried and I plan to keep on going :)

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