Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Day Seventeen~ Rest Day...Change Is Here

This is a week of change.  As of last Friday, my hubby no longer works at his job of 16 years.  He gave his notice a month ago and starting yesterday (Monday) he is now the owner of his own consulting business.  We talked a lot about this, and we both decided it was a great idea and something that needed to be done.  He was so unhappy at his old job.  The company was just not the same after it changed ownership, and people were giving their notice constantly!  Sometimes there would be three people in a week quiting and nothing was being done to keep them, nor would the company hire replacements, which made the work load bigger with less people to do the job.  There were no respect for a job well done either...it was just not a happy place anymore.  My hubby is a very smart man, and he would never do something that would put his family in harms way.  He has always been a wonderful provider and I have complete faith in him that this new adventure will take off.  His website is awesome looking...so professional!  He's got so much higher education under his belt and he just knows his stuff inside and out.  We have no car payments and a very good savings account to keep us going for awhile.  I am now looking for a job, strictly for health benefits.  I'm looking for something easy but fun, and something that keeps me on my feet and off my butt.  Next week I have an interview at Macy's which I hope I get since I do love that store.  Oh, speaking of new jobs, Justin finally got a job and he is so happy and back to his old self.  I am so happy for him!  I miss him so much, but know this is part of parenting, so I just have to get over it ;)  So, those are the changes that have been happening in my world.  It's both exciting and scary...but isn't that what an adventure is all about?
~Here are a few popular foods that people tend to think as healthy, or as making the right choice.  Just be aware of these and other foods out there.  It's always smart to check the food labels and ingredients. Don't be fooled by foods having "added" nutrients...if this were a healthy food to begin with, why would they need to "add" to it??
Food Fraud: 2% Milk
Two percent milk sounds healthier than "whole" milk. But it still has more than half the saturated fat of whole milk.
Here's what's in a cup of milk:
Whole Milk (3.25%) = 150 cal., 8g fat, 5g sat. fat
Reduced-fat (2%) = 130 cal., 5g fat, 3g sat. fat
Skim (nonfat) = 80 cal., 0g fat, 0g sat. fat
~Food Fix: If you like whole milk, blend it with 2% for a while, then 1%, then skim, until you get used to the taste of nonfat milk.
Food Fraud: Enhanced Water
Vitamins are commonly added to bottled water and advertised on the front label. But some brands also add sugar, taking water from zero calories to as much as 125. Often the vitamins don't contribute much, but the calories can contribute a lot.
~Food Fix: Refrigerating tap water may make it more appealing to family members. Or try packets of crystallized lemon to add flavor without calories.
Food Fraud: Low-Fat Yogurt
Too often this nutritional superstar — rich in protein and calcium — contains shocking amounts of added sugar. Some brands add 30 or more grams of fructose, sucrose, or other sweeteners.
~Food Fix: Six ounces should be 90-130 calories and under 20 grams of sugar. Avoid sugary "fruit on the bottom," or blend sweetened yogurt with plain, nonfat yogurt.
Food Fraud: Multigrain
When you see "multigrain" or "seven grain" on bread, pasta, or waffles, flip the package over and check the nutrition label. Even with more than one type of grain, the product could be made largely from refined grains — such as white flour — which have been stripped of fiber and many nutrients.
~Food Fix: Look for "100% whole grain" as the first ingredient. Or choose the brand with more fiber.

While going through my list of bookmarks, I came across this forgotten site.  I found it as I was trying to get back into working out and living healthier and glad I re-found it.  This is a great web site that has many links to anything health/diet/workouts you can think of.  I had this bookmarked, but forgot all about how terrific it is.  The site is: http://shapefit.com/ (I added this to my sidebar) go check it out :)
Here's to a healthy day :)


Jennifer said...

Wow!!! Good luck on the business adventure!! That is very exciting!!!

Colette said...

Thanks Jennifer! Fingers crossed :)

Brit-Man said...

What took you so long to find that Shapefit site, I've been on it for years :-p.

As for the Milk, I'm not sure in what way something is fraudulent if it says reduced fat and it is reduced fat, or maybe I'm missing the obvious.

3g Saturates isn't a big problem, as the daily RDA is 20g anyway.

I saw something a bit alarming once. A meal containing Ham, Tomatos and roasted Mushrooms, which appeared at a glance, to look like a healthy choice many would like, that was meant to serve 2 people however written on it it said, one persons portion contained 60% of your daily Saturated Fat intake and 75% of your Salt intake, so good job for food labelling or some people could have really been caught out by the description of that meal.

Good for you and your principles as well. To be honest, why should someone continue to work in an enviroment that continues to get more alien, more uncomfortable and perhaps more unfathomable.

I'm not usre if the people who sold that company are aware of what's happened, but maybe they'd like to reconsider and buy it back. A bit like in the Simpsons when Burns bought his plant back of the Germans.

Oh if only life was that easy, where it could imitate art so much, or the skewed interpretation of what is reality.

Keep on keeping on and GOOD LUCK wiht everything.

:-) :-).


CraftyLikeLindy said...

You gotta watch the sodium too! I use Sparkpeople.com to count calories.

As for the yogurt I eat Kroger Brand Carbmaster. It has low calories, low sugar, and tons of protien. Bonus it tastes GREAT too! Not sure which Kroger stores are in your area (Fry's, Ralph's, Smith's, or Kroger) but check it out!

Colette said...

Matt, I think that with the milk it's just a very close second to whole milk. I just thought this was interesting, but I agree with your facts too. I love the Simpsons and remember that episode...yes, if only it were that easy. As for the past owners, they have moved on to build their own business and doing great. We shall see what happens :)

Lindy, I have not tried that yogurt before but is sounds like a good choice. We don't have a Krogers here, but I do have a relative who works at one, so I'll ask about maybe a sister store here in California.

Maggie said...

congrats on the new adventure! Praying that it all works out which I know it will. :)

Colette said...

Thanks M :)

CraftyLikeLindy said...

I think that Ralph's is a Kroger store. Not sure what part of CA you are in but I have been to Ralph's in San Diego before....

Colette said...

great, thanks :)