Friday, March 25, 2011

Day Thirty~ Cardio Challenge

~Wow, I can not believe it has been one month now of workouts and I am still very much into it!  Yes, there was that point that I took a few days off, but that was to tweak some things and give my body the much needed recovery after that daily weights on the same muscle groups every day.  Now I've got it figured out and it works.  My body is happy and my mind as well.  Having the workouts figured out has let me concentrate on the nutrition part of this, and that also is coming around nicely.  I am feeling great again and see my body changing.  I am back!!

Workout:  So today was once again the Cardio Challenge, and this time I decided to do the P90X Cardio-X disc to change things up again.  Big mistake!  About fifteen minutes in, we were still doing yoga!!!  I'm sorry, how is this cardio??  I then decided to check out this "Shape" cardio DVD that I've had but never used...another mistake!  This one was the typical "girl" workout with grapevines and moving your hips while walking forward/backwards etc.  My heart rate did not go up with either program!  Ok, time to re-group and get back into this whole workout thing.  I pulled out the true cardio workout that I know of, Insanity!  This did not disappoint and within ten minutes I was breathing hard, sweating, and loving every bit of it.  I will only stick to his disc for cardio, that is for sure!  Now the funny I'm bent over, ass facing the door, the door bursts open and there stands my boy, Justin!  What another great surprise, seeing his handsome face again...and he said he got a surprise that he just didn't need to see LOL  That will teach him to burst into a closed room LOL  What a great moment indeed :) 

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Brit-Man said...

Now that's something to be proud of.

WELL DONE. You are more amazing than you think you are.

:-) :-).