Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day Thirty-four and Five ~Pure Cardio and Chest, Shoulders, Tri's

Workout:  Today was a new DVD and it was okay.  I would like to have more done with the chest muscles, since those are big calorie-burning muscles.  Next time I will incorporate more exercises for the chest or choose P90X routine instead.  I think I will go back later today and do some more myself...EDIT: I ended up doing three more sets of bench press with a good amount of weight, I feel much better now :)

~Matt, come on, you don't think my abs got that ripped this fast??  LOL you caught me ;)

~Hayley, you are so right about the carbs thing!  I found that the same goes for me as well.  If I have any form of carbs (not veggies or fruit though) then I crave them the rest of the day and I find myself going crazy with them!!  Not good LOL  As far as the job went...not so good.  It wasn't the position I was looking for, but I'm now applying at other places so we shall see :)

~Sara, my results are good.  I fit back into my once to-tight pants, my tummy is flatter and my body is a lot more toned.  Not much movement on the scale, but that happened to me with Insanity so as long as I'm seeing results, I'm okay with that.  The run times on the S90D are about thirty to forty minutes.  I find that I need to modify this program a lot, because it works the same muscles over and over every day at times, and the cardio is nothing like Insanity's cardio.  This is better on the joints though, whereas with Insanity I have to make sure not to jump high and watch moves that will hurt my knee. 

Have a happy and healthy day!

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