Sunday, March 27, 2011

Day Thirty-One and Thirty Two ~Chest and Bi's/Rest day

Workout:  This is the start of a new month and a new disc.  The workout was chest and bis, which was 45 minutes long.  I did not do the core circuit but everything else was completed.  This one was tough, in a great way.  We worked our bis like nothing else and our back too.  There were three different circuits that you complete three rounds each, with three different moves per circuit.  You are to choose a weight heavy enough without losing form and that you are able to complete eight to twelve reps per exercise.  I was able to do twelve reps for almost everything.  A few exercises I was able to get in eight on the last round.  I feel like I got a kick-ass workout, and that makes me happy :)

Rest Day:  According to the calender, I shouldn't get a rest day for another three days!!  That is crazy to me!  Today is day seven, therefore today is my day to rest my body and let it repair itself the way it's supposed to do.  As I've said before, I am customizing this program to fit ME and I am perfectly okay with doing that. 

Lets Talk:  This weather has taken it's toll on my brain and emotions!  I am so done with cloudy skies and rain.  I want the sun back and my energy to come back.  The weather guys said it should be in the 70's this week, and I am hoping so!  I want to walk outside and soak the sun in!
~Last night we had my brother/sister-in-law over for dessert.  It was great to just chat and eat yummy stuff.  I have been 100% spot-on with my eating all week.  I have not eaten pasta/bread/rice/nothing like that.  I have only eaten eggs, greens, veggies, fruit, nuts, protein mix and milk.  Even when we went out to dinner last night, I had a burger-bowl.  It's a high-quality beef paddy on a bed of greens and other wonderful veggies you can add to it.  So when it came to dessert time, I let my hair down and don't feel guilty one bit :)
I had a small slice of this wonderful chocolate cake that I got at Costco, a peanut butter ball that my sister-in-law made, and a slice of pound cake.  That's right, I ate all three and enjoyed every bite (but I didn't finish the chocolate cake).  I sure was able to feel my body react to all that sugar though!  My tummy got all nervous feeling, but it finally subsided :)  Now I'm back to eating super clean and I'm okay with that too :)

Have a happy and healthy day!


Brit-Man said...

You could have reacted to the Sugar a bit too much, but talk gibberish and acting all hyperactive :-p :-p.

Still it seems like you're normal now.

Take care and best wishes.

:-) :-).


Hayley said...

You're on fire!! I so love reading about your workouts and nutrition. Out of curiosity, is the "diet" part of the program you're doing? Do you mind sharing the details with me? Do you eat any complex carbs or is it mostly fruits and veggies that are your carb sources?