Monday, March 28, 2011

Day Thirty-Three ~Ultimate Ball~Insanitys Cardio Abs

Today was supposed to be Ultimate Ball, but since I just worked my arms and back pretty good yesterday I decided to do more of a cardio abs workout instead.  To be honest, I was going to do the chest/shoulders/tris DVD, but when I started the workout, my arms were already burning so I figured I needed one more day of leaving the arms alone to heal.  I also went on a thirty minute walk in the finally nice weather.  All in all, today was an okay workout day :)

Have a happy and healthy day!!


Brit-Man said...

By looks of you, that DVD system works darn quick plus a small manipulation of calories :-p :-p.

However I do suspect that isn't actually you of course.

Take care and best wishes.

:-) :-).


Hayley said...

Ok I've read back through some of your more recent posts and I have to ask how the job situation is going? Or maybe I missed that part? Did you get the job at Macy's? I also caught the part about going lower carb and adding in some more fats. How do you feel? I'm honestly kind of a fan of doing that anyway. I think I feel more satisfied and have less cravings when I eat lots of veggies, protein and healthy fats. I discovered that every time I ate a bowl of oats I'd crave carbs and sugar afterwards. Or maybe that was just a coincidence? I don't know - this is all still a learning process for me. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Colette,
I was talking about runtimes for S90D. How are your results so far?