Thursday, March 3, 2011

Day Twelve~ Shoulders and Arms

My triceps are killing me right now!!!  I increased the weight and gave it my all and now I'm paying for a good way of course :)  We start out doing core work and that my friends kills me!  My mid-section is on fire by the end and I'm thankful I get to stand up and work on my arms!  The only thing I did not complete were the diamond push-ups at the very end.  My arms were jello and there was no way I could push myself to do these today!  I did skip the warm-up today, and I always skip the cool down.  I knew it was arms today, so I did my own warm-up that focused on arms only, and the same with the cool down.

I looked in the mirror today and noticed that my waist is going in more.  I am thrilled by this fact!  I have, and always have had an hour-glass figure, so when I gain weight, it shows in the waist first.  I figured things were changing since all my pants fit again...some snug, but at least I can button them LOL  I like where this is taking me, and in no time, I will be back to my little happy place :)


Brit-Man said...

Well the training is defintiely doing you some good, judging by that picture. You've come on in leaps and bounds :-p :-p.


Colette said...

LOL it's working wonders! I'm getting alittle manly, don't ya think ;)