Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Day Twenty-Four~ Cardio Challenge edit:(Insanity)

Today is day eight without any rest, and boy can I feel it!  My body is just plain tired!  My shoulders and lats ache, and not in a good way either.  I did not do the cardio DVD that came with this program, instead I did the Insanity Pure Cardio.  I wanted to give my body a break from weights, planks, seated twists, squats.  I just wanted to do straight cardio and nothing else!  Did I make a good decision?  You bet I did!  I haven't dripped sweat in a long time!  My face was beet red, I was breathing heavy, and I enjoyed every bit of it!  Just the warm-up alone is like an intense workout!  This was a total of 40 minutes...ten was warm-up and stretch, five was the cool down and the rest was kick-ass cardio!  My body feels refreshed and this is making me really think about things regarding this Supreme program.  I love the fact that Shaun T is doing the program with you and every one is sweating, taking breaks, and just plain being real.  I love how Shaun is motivating you the whole time but also telling some of the people to go take a break and come back.  This is a true workout and I missed it! 

I have decided to change things up and start doing the Supreme 90 DVDs along with the Insanity DVDs.  I will have to check out the Insanity DVDs again and refresh my memory so I can combine the two nicely.  I just don't like the fact that Supreme works the same muscles every day without a rest in between.  I will also take a rest day every seventh day so my body can heal the way it's supposed to.  I do like the Supreme DVDs because we use weights, which I love, where Insanity does not use any weights, just your body.  I must say that after years of working out with weights and all the college courses I've taken regarding health and fitness, I know that the way this plan is, it's not that good for your body.
~I think some tweaking is perfectly okay...the main goal is getting in shape and staying injury free :)


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! I have wondered about you, and looked for you, too. After you locked your other blog, I didn't know how to contact you and almost posted something on the Insanity Forum to see if you were out there. I'm looking forward to catching up on your happenings through this new blog. I just finished my second round of Insanity, by the way. For this round, I shortened the month 2 workouts to about 40-45 minutes because of my work schedule. Darn desk job. I'm still about five pounds heavier than I was during Insanity last year, but learning to be OK with that and trying to enjoy the workouts just for the sake of doing them. Now I'm on to other things but looking forward to Asylum.
Good to hear from you, Colette!

Brit-Man said...

You might be wise to take 2 days off.

Try something like this.




Day off



Day off.

6 days consecutive may be a bit much and if the workout used is basically some kind of Total body thing, or could be modified to a 3 tiems a week programme.

Take care and best wishes.

:-) :-).


Colette said...

Sara I am so impressed! Second round of Insanity? YOU ROCK! I think it's good that you shortened the time to fit your schedule. I believe as long as we are working out hard, it's all good :)
I look forward to reading more and how you're doing. Keep in touch :)

Matt, my hubby just said the same thing about taking two days off LOL I like the plan you put out and will think about this. Thanks for always giving your opinion/advice/encouragement :)

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