Thursday, March 24, 2011

Day Twenty-Nine ~ Legs

~Matt, that is horrible!  I had that happen once and it gave me a sick feeling...needless to say, it took me longer to get back in that chair again.  I've also had it where they catch the needle not fully in the vein and you can feel the pulses and it is so uncomfortable...that was the worst thing that has happened while giving blood.  Maybe you were dehydrated when you went and that is why your veins were not cooperating?? 

~Maggie, you make me laugh out loud!  I have fun finding the pics, but have to put it on safe search...the stuff I found when it wasn't filtered...YIKES!

~Sara, no problem...are you wanting the times for S90D or Insanity???

Workout:  Today was legs and I did the S90D workout, with some modifications of course.  I did not do the two sets of three different ab work exercises, and I did not do all of the second set of Bavarian lunges and the triple heater.  With tons of different kinds of lunges and squats, my legs were toast and my energy was gone!  I know it has to do with my giving blood yesterday and then vacuuming the house this morning first...lesson learned.  At least I got a killer workout and I feel exhausted!

~Yesterday morning when I woke up I was disappointed that my abs were not sore or anything.  I thought after that P90X core workout, I would feel something.  Started thinking that maybe I'm not doing it right or something...then last night all of a sudden, there it was, my whole mid-section was tender and tight!  I was so happy about this that I kept lifting my arms over my head just to feel the pull of my abs, and I kept poking my abs and just so happy that I worked them hard after all :)

Food:  Today I'm back to the low carb way of eating.  I had four eggs w/one whole egg, a half a banana and one cup of Kefir yogurt.  I plan on a large salad loaded with veggies and spinach leaves, with chicken on top.  I will also throw in a protein shake with some pumpkin squash and cinnamon.  Dinner will be something like lunch I'm sure, and dessert may be a nice bowl of berries and peaches. 

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Brit-Man said...

No I wasn't dehydrated I don't think, I just had some Veins that were being stubborn :-p.

Take care and best wishes.

:-) :-).