Sunday, March 13, 2011

Day Twenty-Two~ Total Body

Well I've been working out for a solid three weeks now and I'm excited that today I got to do something new.  The plus side of doing the same DVDs over and over is that you know what to expect and you can keep up with them.  You can concentrate on your form and increase your weight, because you are not trying to figure out what comes next or how to do a certain exercise.  The negative side is that you know what to expect and that can get boring.  So as I said, today was something new and that is exciting :)

How did I like this "Total Body" workout?  Not to bad.  We started with abs...again, but this time there were two different ones that I couldn't complete.  I was upset a bit because yesterday was legs, and today we worked our legs hard again.  Two days in a row is not good, but we shall see.  I was able to do eight real push-ups today before I dropped to my knees to finish them out.  That is progress and that makes me happy :)  Towards the end, I had to pause the tape so I could catch up, but at least I completed the whole circuit and not that much behind them.  Tomorrow is another new DVD workout that is about the core.  You would think with all this core work my waist would be tiny LOL  I'm looking forward to another change, so that will be nice.  I'll let you know how that one is...until then, here's to a healthy and fit day :)

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Brit-Man said...

Good to see that you're progressing.

Take care and best wishes.

:-) :-).