Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Great week

Quick update:

~Got my hair cut and I now have bangs!  I'm loving it and feel younger LOL 

~Easter was fabulous, with my brother and his family, my dad, Justin, my brother-in-law and family, some extended family, and two of my girls (Ashley's friends).  We ate, had an Easter egg hunt, the weather was perfect and so the entire day.

~Still looking for a job, still not sure if I really want one but I know I need to get one.  Nothing yet.

~Been working out daily and enjoying every moment of it.  Mixing it up, but walking daily with hubby.  Today I walked with hubby, walked by myself, rode bikes with Ashely, then walked as a family after dinner.  The day was great :)

~Eating has been okay.  I won't lie, I've eaten crap a few days, but back on track and feeling good about it.

Here's to a wonderful and healthy week!


Brit-Man said...

Maybe you need to start asking yourself questions, like how did this happen?

How does it trigger itself?

Is it purely your fault or partly influenced by others?

Does it have specific triggers?

How can you avoid it happening again?

Was it acceptable within your own standards?

Don't be araid to question yourself, if you feel you need to, because to hide away from must be done, would then hinder the ability to reconcile and address the issue in hand.

You are for the most part not doing much wrong, by the standards you set yourself and have made a lot of good progress, so I wouldn't be too hard on yourself, because you are creating a lot of positives for yourself.

So don't worry too much okay.

:-) :-).


Colette said...

Thanks Matt, I can honestly say that I'm okay with this. We had birthday parties and Easter and other stuff that kept me eating not so well, but I didn't go crazy and I worked out more for it. I'm back to strict, because this Saturday is yet another get together and i like to have fun :)

I haven't gained nor lost, so it's all good. I think I have a good balance at this time, and as long as the working out daily doesn't stop, I'm happy :)

Hayley said...

Your haircut is SOOOOO cute!!! I love the bangs - you looked great before, but they certainly suit you.

I think you sound really happy and clear-headed. Like you have plans and thoughts about what you'd like to do and you'll get them done but you're not stressing about stuff. Good for you! :)

Colette said...

Thank you Hayley, and you nailed it on the head :) I know where I want to go and I know I will get there, but I'm not stressing about it and it's not a rush...it's a lifestyle :)