Thursday, April 14, 2011


For those of you who know me, I have never been a fan of running.  I'd rather walk fast and enjoy my surroundings while listening to my ipod.  Well, I just read an article about the benefits of running, and I of course notice so many runners out on the trail/streets every day, and they are people of all shapes and sizes.  So yesterday I got onto Runner's World magazine web page and started fishing around.  I came across a beginners workout calender and it looked simple enough.  I figure it's a good way to ease into this thing while doing it right.  My problem is usually going way to fast to soon...with everything I do when it comes to exercise.  Then I get injured, burn out, or get bored.  So, I will follow the plan as written :)

According to the schedule, today I did one minute run/two minute walk ten times each.  Now this sounds simple, I thought.  I brought a stop watch so I can time it and do it right.  Half way through, I was getting more winded after my run, but as it came near the end, I felt like I could do this longer!  I almost did, but reminded myself that I was going to do just what the chart says to do, so I stopped.  When I got home however, I did my upper body workout.  I don't think that counts though, since running and walking have nothing to do with your upper body (except for your lungs and heart LOL).  Now, hubby still wants to go on a walk later, but that will be fine.  It won't be strenuous ;)
EDIT: The walk with hubby was a powerful walk, and now my feet and legs are saying they have had enough LOL
It is amazing how when you workout, you just naturally want to eat clean/healthy.  I have had no problem staying on course again with my food choices, and I'm thankful for that! 

Matt, you are so right about having to be strict again.  I thought I had control, but thought wrong.  At least I figured it out before it got a way from me.  You have known me for a long time and have seen me go strong and also fall at times.  I am thankful for your always encouraging words and also how you sometimes kick me in the butt when needed LOL  You are a good friend, and I thank you for that :)

Hayley, I too am glad I didn't get sucked into that black hole!  So many people just give up and continue on the binge thinking "why bother, I blew it anyway".  Honestly, I have been one of those people, and it does not feel good!  Thank you also for always being here for me, routing me on and showing love.  You have become such a big part of my life, and it means the world to me!


Brit-Man said...

That routine is a pretty good one to do.

One other way to do that, is create slightly different 3 minute "cycles", so you walk for 2 minutes 50 and jog for 10 seconds and call that a cycle, then do 10 cycles.

If you do this 4-5 times a week, thne you can start week 2 with a 2 minutes 40 walk and 20 second jog period.

Week 3, becomes 2 minutes 30 and 30 second jog period, you get the pattern.

I feel what you're doing works fine though, but if it sometimes feels too much, the methodology I suggested, might be something to consider, because you can then build up the jog sections weekly, until you're ready to do 30 minutes full on, then you can start to experiment with fluctuating terrain, or another 5 minutes a session, or slightly increased speeds if you want.

I'm glad you're getting back on track. GOOD LUCK and don't ever forget the power of YOU. You are a pretty powerful person and you ARE capable of so much.

Thank you for your continued friendship and acceptance, I am sincerely grateful for it and I am truly proud of knowing you.

:-) :-).


Hayley said...

Way to go on the running! I have a few friends here who are starting to get into it and I've recommended some "Couch to 5K" stuff. I was thinking the same thing as Matt - doing a kind of "interval" workout where you walk, jog, walk, jog and gradually increase the jogging while decreasing the jogging, but whatever works for you and is something you'll stick with. I'm glad you and your hubby got out for a nice walk, too. Sounds like you guys had much better weather than we did! NC was pounded by major storms yesterday, but at least today (Sunday) is beautiful.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Hayley said...

Oops...I meant increase the jogging while decreasing the walking. DOH!

Colette said...

Great ideas Matt! I will try those out and keep you posted. Also, you make it easy to keep you as a friend, and I thank YOU!

Hayley, maybe it's that time of year when people try out running after seeing so many runners out on the streets. I hope your weather is better this week. Love your Homer Simpsons word LOL