Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What's in a name?

Let me first say that I have been working out every day and eating pretty well.  I've gone out to eat a few times this week and tried to make the best choices, but it's still not great.  I am energized and feeling pretty good about myself.  Even hubby has been walking with me every day on top of the workouts.  Saturday we went on a six/seven mile hike along a nearby lake, and we were so tired and our feet hurt, but it was a wonderful day!With that said, I have some stuff to bounce off and empty my brain a bit.

For years I have been trying new workout programs and enjoying each of them for the most part.  I even have changed the title of my blog to fit the latest and greatest.  I just recently tried running out and have been checking out two web sites every day, and really into first.  I have noticed that I just love trying new things, but also get bored with the same old thing.  When I mix it all together, I love it more!  I then think about my blog title and feel like a quitter, and that sucks!  I also figured out why it's important for me to attempt these communities and then make sure my blog fits the plan.  I want to be a part of something that not everyone else is a part of.  I want to be special in that way, and show the world that I too can do this...but then I get hurt, or see the flaws in the program, or simply just get bored with it. 

So I ask myself, "what's in a name?"  Why do I need to change the name all of the time?  Why can't I just have a blog with a well-rounded title?  The answer is, I don't know what to call it.  I am a person who is enjoying working out every day, but mixing all the programs together, with some running and walking in the mix.  I'm eating healthy, but that's not what I want my blog to be about.  I get tired of just writing about my workout, and I'm sure it's a bit boring for you to read that every day.  I want to write about my life as well.  I guess I just don't have a clear cut "type" of blog and I'm not sure where to go with it.

Any input would be appreciated :) 


leslie said...

Good things to consider, that's for sure!
I haven't written on my blog in forever. Maybe I will again someday. But I love the title of my blog, which comes from my favorite quote: Whatever you are, be a good one. So the title "Be a Good One" never feels limiting.

Maybe you could find your own life quote or words -- whatever inspires you.

Another idea -- for a while I had a very loose guideline of what I'd write about. For example, Mondays would be fitness, Tues food thoughts, Wed fitness, Thurs beauty or fashion, Fri just for fun. I didn't list these "rules" on the blog, but tried to use them to give me some direction. Cuz I know what you mean -- just writing about workouts can feel boring to the WRITER! (I love what you write, but I rarely comment. I also can't get on top of my emails, so it's definitely not you, it's me!)

Sending hugs!

Brit-Man said...

A few ideas.

1. A Life Worth Living.

2. Living With Me.

3. My Life, My Way.

4. I Am What I Am.

5. Being Happy, Being Honest.

6. Being Me.

Keep on pushing and keep on believing. You're doing a great job of things right now.

:-) :-).


Hayley said...

One of my favorite entries by you ever, Colette. It was written so honestly and I know I've had those exact same thoughts plenty of times. I think you're like any other human - you get excited to start a new program, because it's new, you enjoy it for a bit and then get bored. I can't speak for everyone, but I know I've done exactly the same thing many times over. That's part of why I've decided I cannot do one exercise program. I LOVE Jazzercise, but could I teach every single day or have it be my sole source of exercise? No way. I LOVE running, but would I give up weights and Jazzercise just to run? Never. I LOVE bootcamp classes and lifting heavy weights, but I can't do them more than 2-3x a week and even then sometimes I want a break.

Part of what keeps people consistent is changing things up so things don't get stale and bored. If you want to run one day and then walk the next and then put in an Intensity DVD or throw in some P90X or take a class or do yoga, then do it. Do what your body tells you to do and what your heart desires.

Same thing with blogging! If you want to write about fitness and nutrition then do it. If you want to blog about that AND vent a little about your personal life - AWESOME!!!

I tried doing the food blog thing, the fitness blog, the personal blog never worked for very long. Now I'm lucky if I blog at all, but what matters to me is that I get whatever's in my head out of my head and I have some feedback.

You can do whatever you want with your blog and I will always read it! :) XOXO

Hayley said...

PS - After all that you'd think I'd be done, but I wanted to ensure that I wasn't saying, "All that matters is that I'm going to keep reading!" I just meant that I will always remain a faithful reader and I'm sure the others will, too. Love you!!

Colette said...

Matt, you have great ideas and I may just steal one of them :)

Hayley, I knew exactly what you meant, and it means a lot! I know you've switched ways before too, and like you said, I have always been a faithful reader, no matter what direction you've taken. I am going to just do what I want to do and write what I need to get off my chest...whether it be my workouts or just chatting.

Thank you all for being loyal readers and I sure hope you know how much each of you mean to me!

Hayley said...

The feelings are mutual Colette! And I absolutely LOVE your new blog design!! Very springy.. :)

Colette said...

Well thank you :)