Thursday, April 7, 2011

Workouts and Birthdays

Workout:  I am still at it and loving every minute of it!  Hubby and I took a 45 minute walk to lunch and then walked back.  We saw a coyote up close where I had to stop us cold and let it walk across the street away from us...very cool!  I've hit the weights and hit the pavement every day this week and loving every minute of it!  I have not used the DVDs this week, but at least I'm giving it my all and changing things up, so all is good and my body is responding.

Birthday:  Yesterday was Justin's 22nd birthday and I couldn't be with him :(  This was hard and I kept texting and calling him.  I know I was a pain in the ass but that's okay.  We will drive down to see him tomorrow (Friday) and I can't wait!  I made enchiladas and a birthday cake to bring for his birthday dinner and celebration.  I miss him all the time and wish he lived closer, but it's what being a parent is about I suppose.  Today is my grandpas 93rd birthday!  I had a great talk with him this morning and I'll see him next week.  He said he wanted a 45yr old woman for his birthday, but admitted he wouldn't know what to do with her if he got her LOL  I love that man! 

Food:  I have been hungry today!  I guess my body needs the food, or I'm just using food as emotional medicine since I can't be with Justin right now.  Who knows but I'm controlling the erges for the most part.  I plan on eating strict tomorrow so I can enjoy the dinner and cake, then back to healthy/clean eating Saturday.

Have a wonderful and healthy day :)


Hayley said...

That's so great that you're paying attention to whether or not you want to eat for emotional reasons or it actually is hunger. It sounds as though you're really learning a lot about yourself throughout this process. I read someone else's blog last night and they said something that made a lot of sense. Instead of constantly comparing ourselves to others or looking to someone else who we want to be like or emulate or try and have a body like, why not focus on ourselves and figure out what our own true potential is. It made sense as I was reading it, but I'm not quite sure I'm reiterating what she said correctly. :) Regardless, my point is that I think you're doing exactly that!

Colette said...

I do believe that we need to stop looking at what others are doing and focus on health and every day life. There are skinny woman out there who some may think "wow" and reality is those skinny ones have major health/mental we realy want to be like them? NO! There is no majic pill/book or secret about being healthy. We need to be happy with who we are and if we are not, then change it. But we need to do it in our own unique way. I'm not stressing anymore about what I weigh or what I eat. I am focussing on getting some kind of exercise every single day, lift weights four times a week, and making sure I am eating 90% healthy and clean...period.

Brit-Man said...

Your Grandfather wanted a 45 year old woman and he got you coming to visit, a 43 year old woman, so not quite what he wanted but close enough :-p :-p.

Though I'm sure at his age he's not too fussy or exacting anymore. He'll take the moments of happiness when they come and not be dissapointed that sometimes they're not quite as perfect as they could be.

At least he knows that he can live in a world that however troubled it might be has you in it, so that's one thing to keep him happy.

Take care and best wishes.

:-) :-).


Colette said...

Matt, you are too kind! Thank you for such nice words. I do believe grandpa is very happy with each new day that brings him another day of life. I'm happy for that too LOL

Have a wonderful week!