Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday The 13th

So today is Friday the 13th...some are superstitious, I am not.  I don't believe in "luck."  I believe we get where we are through the positive or negative energy we put out in the universe, and nothing more. 

So, this week has been pretty darn good.  Hubby and I have walked every single day and we've been enjoying that very much.  We talk non-stop most of the time, but even the one or two times when we had nothing much to say, it was so nice.  I've been hitting the weights too, which feels great!  Also, since we have had no party's to go to, for two weeks my eating has been super clean/healthy.  I'm only eating carbs (oatmeal or bagel)  in the morning and the rest of the day is tons of veggies, some fruit, and of course protein.  I bought two new "supplements" to add to my daily routine.  I bought Acia juice and some pure Acia.  You drink 8oz of the juice a day and only 1oz of the pure product.  They say that the pure berry is so loaded with antioxidants and other great stuff, that you will notice your skin and hair being a lot healthier looking.  I'm all for that LOL!  I'll keep you posted if I notice any change.

Ashley got her braces off this week!!!  She is absolutely beautiful (she was before, but!).  She is so excited and loves the attention she is getting!  Her friends actually want to touch her teeth!  Weird kids LOL  She has been bike riding every day after school and getting her friends to join her.  We are now the house where everyone in it is active, healthy, happy, enjoying life!  It feels great to be in this place :)  Ash is even coming home from school and having an apple or salad for her snack!  Now she does put caramel on her apple, or full-fat ranch dressing on her salad, but that's least she is on the right path to a healthy life-style :)

Still looking for a job, as is hubby.  He works so hard and has gotten to many bites! There are offers in the waiting, but that's not a for-sure-thing.  I believe by next month he will have something. 

That's about all for now...have a wonderful weekend!!

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Brit-Man said...

At least she didn't put the Ranch on the Apple and ate it with something it is meant to go with.

That would have looked weird :-p.

Take care and best wishes.

:-) :-).