Sunday, May 22, 2011

Rapture and Religion

If you are reading this, then I guess you also survived the "rapture" or "judgement day"....well good for you LOL

Seriously though, it just bugs the crap out of me how stupid people are!  I do not understand how or why so many people believe such crap from churches about the world ending, their God is the only one and all others are wrong, God hates gays, etc....We live in a time where this should not be still happening!  All around the world people were scared, truly believing that this is it!  Our wars are based on religion for the most part.  People actually blame God for horrible natural disasters, saying he is doing this because many don't believe anymore!  These organized religious groups are crazy and the people who follow are just as crazy if not more so!  I'm not talking about ALL, just the ones who take it to far and who judge others when they are the biggest hypocrites out there.

I believe these are the reasons why people have turned away from organized religion.  I believe that there is a "God" or a higher power of some sort, but I don't believe that "God" is an evil one who brings pain and suffering to people just because they lost their way or for any other reason.  I don't believe God is looking down and judging people the way humans are doing.  The God I believe it is the positive energy that is put out there, the energy that when seeking you will find.  I believe this energy protects us when we too put out the positive energy into the world around us. 

Ok, that is my rant...enough said :)


Brit-Man said...

The fact is the bible is the most corruptable teaching around. People use it to their own advantage.

People going around getting someone to fall into another guys arms, and then claim that God gave that guy the strength to catch him sop some "alleged" non-believer is cured of their herecy and believe.s

Faith healers claiming God can cure cancer or Kidney disease, or lame feet whatever it is, for a few $$$, with no proof of any healing or cure having happened.

People preaching rehashed religion on cable TV for megabucks instead of in a church or chapel for a stipend income. So basically using Greed a deadly sin to promote religion and people who believe religion to the letter, would hate greed, but many would probably watch those TV preachers / evangleists.

Same as some Vegetarians and Vegans who protest against animal slaughter, in their leather shoes with their leather belts, stopping their pants from falling down and revealing their hypocrisy.

People claiming incest is wrong, when the Adam and Eve story demonstrates it must happen at some point, yet as it's not described, there is then an excuse to abhorre it in its entirity, without rationalising the permuations.

Religion and belief systems are the reason for Jihad, the IRA and no doubt other issues, but scrapping all religions would be pretty impossible and some would argue it would be a punishment against sensible rational believers of differing cultures and systems.

It's a sorry state, but that's life and some won't change.

Good to know you're doing okay.

Take care and best wishes.

:-) :-)


Colette said...

I couldn't agree with you more! I've always said that about adam and eve LOL Glad to hear someone else say it too :)

Now the guy says judgement day will be Oct 21 instead...are people really going to buy this crap...again??

Just stay true to YOU and we will all be fine. Have a great day/week Matt :)

Hayley said...

I am SO glad I came back to read your blog after being gone for so long (I apologize for that!!) I could not agree with you more, and Matt's comment was right on the money. Colette I feel the same way about God - that he/she/it is a higher power and the positive (or negative) energy that is put out there. I guess I'm more of a believer in The Secret than any organized religion. I LOVED this post and your comments!

Colette said...

Thank you Hayley!