Sunday, June 12, 2011


This has been a very good week!  Hubby got offered a salary paying job AND won the bid as a contract consultant which would go under his business company (first one).  This coming week other things should be coming to the surface as being accepted or denied, so we may have even more decisions to make.  Of course, the company contracting job pays way more, so as of now this is the one he will go with.  When he left his last job, he made a goal to have a job by June, and that is just what he granted, he spent more than 40 hours a week looking for a job, and applied for many jobs, along with major net-working.  It just goes to show that if you look hard enough, there are jobs out there.

Today I had an interview with Macy's (again, and yes, this time it was for exactly what i wanted lol ).  I feel pretty confident about this one, and sometime next week I will have a one-on-one interview and that will be that.  Today was quite interesting to say the least.  The interview was a "group interview" and I loved it!  I talked to the two other ladies and was the first one to answer the questions, and I had some pretty great answers if I may say so myself.  I was even given a great compliment from one of the other candidates...she said I had such a trusting and caring presence about me!  What a wonderful thing to say, and this was in front of the person doing the interviewing!  This compliment came about from one of the questions I had answered, so that was just wonderful!

I also got to spend a few days with Justin and my dad.  It was great spending time with them, as always.  This week I will be picking my Aunt up from the airport and taking her to grandpas house, so I look forward to seeing him as well.

So far, this month is showing to be pretty darn good :)

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Brit-Man said...

GOOD LUCK Colette. You are someone that is perfectly capable and perfectly able to do something like this, and I am sure that you will do the job with aplomb.

Keep believing and chin up. You are a pretty amazing Lady.

:-) :-).